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At Get Course, our goal is to help Australians find their calling by providing a platform to help people learn, upskill and establish a path to achieve their career goals. We are an online course provider that offers accredited courses across over 80 different industries. Course advisors help match course seekers with the relevant accredited colleges and education organisations, providing career advice and application navigation. Not only does our platform assist course seekers, but it acts as a helpful advertising tool for education providers to connect with eager learners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses can I study online in Australia?

Offering thousands of online education courses from leading tertiary institutions, government registered training providers and industry certification providers, Get Course facilitates a seamless application process. Our course catalogue is designed for easy usability so that you can gain detailed information on a range of disciplines and compare courses to select the right provider for your needs. Choose from a broad range of disciplines, including:

  • Technical — From a diploma in accounting to software development, cybersecurity and marketing courses, you’ll find great technical education opportunities.

  • Trades — We offer a range of trade courses online, including building and construction, gardening and landscaping.

  • Health — Specialise in various health roles, including dental or nursing assistance, health administration, medical reception, nutrition and natural health.

  • Agriculture — Develop your knowledge in horticulture, farm management or floristry with a range of agriculture-based subjects.

  • Beauty & Therapy — Build your eyelash application and beauty skills or become a practitioner in aromatherapy or massage therapy.

  • Wellbeing — If you’re looking to move into a career that focuses on health and wellbeing, you’ll find courses on psychology, fitness, weight loss management, life coaching and domestic violence.

We also connect students to a broad spectrum of interests from tourism and finance to wildlife, dog grooming, interior design and work health and safety. Explore our easy-to-use course browser to find something that matches your interests.

What are the benefits of online learning?

Online learning courses give students the freedom to study at a time and place that suits their living and working arrangements. Whether you work during the day and would like to upskill in the evenings or live remotely and can’t make the long trip to study in-person, online courses allow you to learn when you want and where you want. In comparison to in-person study, online training courses can offer a number of additional benefits for those looking for added flexibility. These benefits include:

  • Self-paced learning — Not everyone has the luxury or ability to take time off work to commit to studying, and others live far from their chosen education provider's location. Online learning allows students to pace their studies across the week to continue working as they grow professionally. Students can revisit material they may have missed on the first iteration by their professor and work at a speed that allows them to coherently digest the information and get the most out of their education.

  • Flexible time management — Online courses generally don’t set a specific classroom time that students need to fit into their schedule. Students have the flexibility to manage study around their busy schedules rather than compromise work or family. This autonomy fosters a better learning experience for students, teaching them to manage their time and complete assignments proactively.

  • Improved critical thinking — Critical thinking is a foundational skill taught throughout tertiary education and a valuable asset within the workforce. Choosing to study online allows students to think critically in more complex ways than would generally be required in an in-person classroom. The self-paced nature of online courses encourages students to develop more unique ways of addressing coursework than simply repeating what their tutor has said.

  • Expanding digital literacy — As industries move toward virtual spaces and digitalised operations and processes, employees are required to have strong digital literacy. Online learning bolsters students' digital literacy by developing their understanding of commonly used video software such as Skye, Zoom and Google teams and cloud-based programs such as Dropbox and Office 365. Providers incorporate the use of instant messaging platforms like Slack and google chat and project management software like Trello, Basecamp or TeamWork.

Can I get a job with online study in Australia?

A course set online in Australia can help you upskill and earn a certification that will look great on your resume and help you get a job. Taking an online course will communicate to potential employers that you are serious about improving your skill set and growing your career, making you a far more attractive candidate.

How do I enrol to study online courses in Australia?

Our streamlined course finder makes it easy to find a discipline you’d like to study and begin the enrolment process. Simply click on one of our many courses on our website and follow through to a detailed explanation of the area of study and the providers we offer. To begin the application process, click ‘enquire now’ and fill out the form. One of our course advisors will get in contact and help you navigate the entire application, getting you started within no time.

Will I receive any additional support when I study online courses?

At Get Course, we work with you to find a course that speaks to your career goals, whether upskilling, changing industries or establishing a career path. When you begin the process of signing up for one of the many online courses offered through Get Course, you will be paired up with a course advisor. Providing detailed information on many courses on our site and helping you navigate the application process, our course advisors are there for you every step of the way.

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Jessica Power
Get Course is AMAZING! The course I enrolled in from their website gives me access to friendly tutors who provide an enormous amount of flexibility. So for single stay at home mothers like myself, this is a great opportunity to do a course in an industry of your choice to ensure that you gain the knowledge required when you decide to enter back into the workforce and because your classes, assignments and everything is online and all your tutors are either an email or call away just makes it even more fantastic!!!
Elizabeth Aulika
Being accepted into my Dual Diploma of Business and Management course was one of the best things that has happened to me this year. It has helped me make all my dreams come true. In the past I was bullied out of TAFE classes and lost confidence, I was scared to study again. A huge THANK YOU to the Get Course team, for giving me the strength and confidence I need to make mine and my sons life a whole lot better

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