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The Get Course blog's Study in Australia category is an essential reference for students who are considering studying in Australia. Learn about the available courses, the cost of studying, and the best universities in Australia. Get the best advice on how to make the most of your studies, including what to expect in Australian culture and what kind of career opportunities you might find after graduation.

Studying abroad is an exciting prospect for many students, and Australia is a popular destination for those looking to expand their horizons. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of international students studying in Australia, and in this article we will explore the trends in study in Australia. 

Recent Statistics: 

• Since 2017, the number of international students in Australia has increased by more than 10%, bringing the total number to over 630,000. 

• China is the largest source of international students, accounting for 33% of the total. India is the second largest source, with 17%. 

• The most popular courses for international students are at the higher education level, with 45% of students enrolled in university courses. 

• The majority of international students are studying in the larger cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, with about two-thirds of all international students located in these cities.

Common Reasons for Studying in Australia: 

• Quality of Education: Australia has a world-renowned education system, and its universities are highly ranked on global scales. 

• Variety of Courses: Australia offers a wide range of courses for international students, from undergraduate degrees to postgraduate qualifications. 

• Access to Work Opportunities: Australian universities and colleges offer students the opportunity to work while they study, enabling them to gain valuable experience and earn money. 

• Variety of Lifestyle: Australia is known for its relaxed and vibrant lifestyle, and international students can make the most of the country’s unique culture and stunning natural environment.

Future Trends: 

• Increase in Online Education: In response to the pandemic, many universities and other educational institutions have moved their courses online. This has allowed international students to continue their studies from their home countries, and has made studying in Australia more accessible. 

• Focus on Student Wellbeing: Universities and other institutions are increasingly focusing on the wellbeing of international students, offering support services such as counselling and mental health resources. 

• Increase in Student Mobility: As travel restrictions ease, there is likely to be an increase in the number of international students travelling to Australia to study. 

• More Opportunities for Work: With the economy recovering from the pandemic, there is likely to be more opportunities for international students to work while studying in Australia.


Overall, Australia remains an attractive destination for international students looking to pursue their studies abroad. With its world-class education system, vibrant culture, and increasing focus on student wellbeing, Australia is well-placed to remain a popular destination for international students in the years to come.