Austudy Approved Courses

Austudy Approved Courses

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Looking at receiving Austudy payments and are on the hunt for Austudy approved courses? No problem, keep reading this post.

Ok, so it’s a fact. If you want to receive Austudy payments whilst you are studying in your field, you need to pick one of Centrelink’s Austudy approved courses and meet the criteria that Centrelink has created.

List of Austudy Approved Courses

What is Austudy?

Along with Youth Allowance and ABSTUDY, Austudy is a Centrelink payment from the Government and is available to eligible students in Australia.

Lucky for you, finding out if are eligible for Austudy is really simple. In order to be eligible for Austudy you must:

  • a) Be an Australian resident.
  • b) You must be over 25 years old.
  • c) Be studying full time in a Austudy approved course at an approved institution or taking part in an Australian Apprenticeship.

If you fit that criteria you’ll need to:

  1. Meet residence rules
  2. Take an income test, and
  3. Take an assets test

The reason Centrelink want to know all of this info is because Austudy if for students who actually need support whilst studying.

By looking at your income and assets Centrelink can determine whether or not you should be able to receive Austudy payments when you study.

One thing to note whilst you are on Austudy is you will need to report your earnings every fortnight to ensure you aren’t earning over the threshold and are getting paid the correct amount from Centrelink.

More About Austudy Approved Courses

So, if you are an Australian resident that’s 25 years old or above and are seriously planning on applying for Austudy, then you really need to look at some Austudy approved courses and choose one first. 

To find out more about Austudy approved courses and other Austudy payment information, visit the Department of Human Services website for more details.

When you are ready to choose your course, click the button below to see our list of Austudy approved courses and get moving towards your brighter future today!

List of Austudy Approved Courses

Helpful Video about Centrelink Payments & Approved Courses

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  1. Is the full-time certificate three in Early Childhood education and care at North Metropolitan TAFE ( WA) approved by Austudy by Centrelink?

    1. Post

      Hey Sue,
      Thanks for your question.

      I don’t actually have the answer right now as we don’t list any of the courses North Metropolitan TAFE (WA) have to offer.

      What I can do though is get in touch with them and find out for you. I’ll keep you posted.



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