BSB40220 Certificate IV in Business (Administration)

Unlock the Necessary Skills to Become a Qualified Business Analyst or Administrator

Be the driving force in business with the BSB40220 Certificate IV in Business (Administration). Gain skills for managing information and tasks.

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Course Overview

Course Modules

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Career Outcomes

  • Administrator 
  • Assistant Records Manager 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Customer Service Assistant 
  • Exporter 
  • Importer 
  • Office Administrator 
  • Personal Assistant 
  • Sales Assistant 
  • Sustainability Manager 
  • Sustainability Officer 
  • Trade Coordinator

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Course Entry Requirements

This course does not require specific formal education qualifications. However, you must be a minimum of 18 years old to enrol. Please note that this course is not open to student visa holders. For personalised assistance and more information, please enquire now.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The course provider values the diverse skills and expertise you may have gained from various sources. These experiences can be acknowledged through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. For a more comprehensive understanding of the RPL procedure or to discuss your RPL options, please enquire now.

About The Course

Become the Organizational Force Every Business Needs with a Nationally Recognised Certificate IV in Business Administration

Are you ready to become the backbone of a successful business? Do you see yourself coordinating business operations, managing information, and leading administrative tasks with expertise? The BSB40220 Certificate IV in Business (Administration) is tailored for those who aspire to be at the heart of business efficiency and success. This one of the online courses in Australia is your stepping stone to mastering the essential skills needed in business administration.

This nationally recognised course covers comprehensive units where you'll learn about 'Implementing and Monitoring Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices', ensuring businesses operate with a conscience. 'Organising Meetings' and 'Organising Business Travel' will hone your logistical skills, making you an asset in any administrative role. The course also includes 'Designing and Developing Business Documents' and 'Delivering and Monitoring a Service to Customers', equipping you with the skills to handle business communication and customer relations with finesse. These units are designed to provide a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge, preparing you for the dynamic world of business administration.

Upon completing this course, you will gain the skills and confidence to pursue roles as an administrator, assistant records manager, business analyst, office administrator, trade coordinator, sustainability manager or officer, or importer/exporter. These roles are pivotal in ensuring the smooth operation of businesses across various sectors. The BSB40220 Certificate IV in Business (Administration) features digital course offerings tailored for aspiring business analysts and administrators, offering flexible, online learning to master essential business skills. The skills and knowledge gained from this certificate set the foundation for a rewarding career in business administration, where you can play a key role in driving business success.


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