HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Speech Pathology)

Help People with Hearing Loss and Speech Difficulties. Become a Qualified Speech Pathology Assistant

Transform lives with the HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Speech Pathology). Focus on speech pathology for a rewarding healthcare career.

Artwork depicting a speech therapy session, featuring a woman reading a book to a young child who is practicing sounds, illustrated by speech bubbles with 'R-r-r'. They are seated indoors, the woman on a chair and the child on a beanbag.
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Study for a minimum of 15.5 hours per week to complete modules in 18 months.
100% online with 120 hours of work placement, which will be completed in addition to your weekly study blocks.

Course Overview

Course Modules

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Career Outcomes

  • Allied Health Assistant 
  • Therapy Assistant 
  • Speech Pathology Assistant

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Integrated Care and Management Training (ICMT) | RTO #90197

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Work Placement

The course contains a minimum of 120 hours of work placement. If you'd like to learn more about the work placement component of this course, please enquire now.

Course Entry Requirements

This course does not require specific formal education qualifications. However, you must be a minimum of 18 years old to enrol. Please note that this course is not open to student visa holders. For personalised assistance and more information, please enquire now.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The course provider values the diverse skills and expertise you may have gained from various sources. These experiences can be acknowledged through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. For a more comprehensive understanding of the RPL procedure or to discuss your RPL options, please enquire now.

Course Pre-Requisites

As of November 2023, the Certificate III is the mandatory entry requirement for the Certificate IV. Fortunately, Open Colleges does offer this certificate.

About The Course

Master Vital Speech Therapy Skills: Launch a Rewarding Career Path as a Qualified Speech Pathology Assistant

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of individuals with communication challenges? Do you see yourself thriving in a career where your skills directly impact someone's ability to express themselves? Have you ever considered the rewarding field of speech pathology assistance? The nationally recognised HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Speech Pathology) is designed for those who seek a fulfilling career in healthcare, specifically in supporting speech pathologists and their clients.

This comprehensive course covers a broad range of units, ensuring a well-rounded education. You'll start with 'Communicate and work in health or community services,' where you'll learn the nuances of effective communication in a healthcare setting. 'Recognize healthy body systems' will provide you with a foundational understanding of human anatomy and physiology, which is crucial for understanding speech disorders. In 'Deliver and monitor a client-specific program,' you'll gain hands-on experience tailoring speech therapy programs to individual needs. 'Support the delivery and monitoring of physiotherapy programs' offers insights into the collaborative nature of allied health services. The unit 'Assist with an allied health program' further hones your ability to support licensed practitioners in a variety of therapeutic settings. 'Provide first aid' ensures you're prepared for any emergency, a vital skill in any healthcare role. Lastly, 'Work with diverse people' teaches you to navigate and respect the rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds you'll encounter in your career. 

Upon completing this course, a multitude of career paths open up for you. Graduates often find roles as speech pathology assistants, therapy assistants, or support workers in various healthcare settings. You could work in hospitals, private clinics, schools, or community health centres, playing a vital role in supporting individuals with speech and communication difficulties. This qualification can also be a stepping stone to further studies and specialization within the allied health sector.


"Thank you for your guidance, support and encouraging talks throughout my study and for inspiring me to become better with continued learning." - Angela