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According to the Australian Governments’ Job Outlook Initiative, the Animal Attendants and Trainers industry is set to have strong growth over the next 5 years. There are currently 22,200 workers in the industry and by 2022, that number is expected to be around 24,800. This means we will see an increase in jobs available and market demand will be going up. If you’ve ever wanted to work with animals or specifically in dog grooming, now is an excellent time to begin your career with what’s on the horizon. Please see our list of dog grooming courses below.

Study Mode
Certificate in Canine Care and Training

(Study Method: Online)

The Certificate in Canine Care and Training will teach you the skills and knowledge necessary to work with dogs as well as how canine animals think and communicate, how to care for your canine through nutrition, exercise and hygiene, along with learning how to be able to provide effective practical training for them. This course also covers canine anatomy and history, including vaccinations, diseases, and first aid.

Professional Dog Grooming Certificate

(Study Method: Online)

The Professional Dog Grooming Certificate will teach you how to groom all types of dogs and equip you with the skills necessary to work in a pet salon or start your own dog grooming business. You’ll learn about dog physiology, behaviour, handling, and more.

Certificate in Vet Assistance

(Study Method: Online)

Ever dreamed of working in a veterinary clinic, or in a wildlife sanctuary or animal rescue? The Certificate in Vet Assistance is a comprehensive course designed to fast-track your career working with animals in roles such as veterinary assistant, animal technician, pet industry professional, animal facility assistant, kennel or cattery assistant, and wildlife park or zoo attendant.

Certificate in Dog and Pet Grooming

(Study Method: Online)

This course will teach all the grooming techniques you need to turn even the most overgrown, neglected, or furry dogs into grooming masterpieces. Learn how to properly take care of and handle all breeds of dogs, how to avoid skin issues and other health issues in dogs, the scope and nature of grooming, caring for the skin and coat, specialised grooming tasks, canine biology, dog behavior and how to groom a large variety of dog breeds and coat types. Detailed business modules will also teach you how to start your own dog grooming business from scratch.

Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming

(Study Method: Online)

Love working with dogs? Consider starting a career as a professional dog groomer, or perhaps becoming your own boss and starting your own dog grooming business!

Advanced Certificate in Dog Care, Training, and Psychology

(Study Method: Online)

Do you have a passion for dogs, and would you love to start a career where you can work with our furry four-legged friends every day as a dog trainer, dog behaviourist or as a dog care expert, but lack the knowledge and skills to get started? The Advanced Certificate In Dog Care, Dog Training And Psychology course has got you covered, and will teach you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in a career working with dogs every day.


Jobs and Salaries for Dog Groomers

As mentioned above the Animal Attendants and Trainers industry is set to have strong growth over the next 5 years. The Australian Government have also said that there will be around 18,000 job openings over this time from workers leaving and new jobs being created. (This number is significantly large for this industry.)

Here are some current jobs stats from the Australian Governments’ Job Outlook Initiative on the industry at the moment:

  • Current Industry Size: This is a medium-sized occupation.
  • Locations: Animal Attendants and Trainers work in most regions of Australia. NSW is the largest (31%)
  • Full-Time Earnings: Full-time workers in this industry earn around $957 per week averaging around $49,764 per year. (This is below the all jobs average of $1,230). Earnings tend to be lower when starting out and higher as your experience grows.
  • Employment Status: More than half of people that work in this industry work full-time (50.8%, similar to the all jobs average of 68.4%), however, there are many opportunities for workers to go part-time.
  • Working Hours: Full-time workers will spend around 44.7 hours per week at work (compared to the all jobs average of 40.0 hours).
  • Average Age Bracket: The average age of a worker in this industry is 39 years (compared to the all jobs average of 40 years). Many workers are under 25 years of age (25.4%).
  • Gender: 71.1% of workers are females (compared to the all jobs average of 46.7%).

Study online dog grooming courses and expand your skillset in the industry

Studying dog grooming courses online can provide you with the flexibility to upskill or even change your industry preference, while not stressing about your full-time job to keep up with your studies. At Get Course, our main goal is to help Australians like yourself transition into their dream role, upskill or achieve their career goals. Study dog grooming online with our five different courses to choose from and graduate at your own pace with your dog grooming certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study dog grooming online?

Here at Get Course, our courses were designed to be studied and completed exclusively online. As an Australian online course provider, we offer accredited courses across 80 different industries. We have created five unique dog grooming courses that can provide you with the education, experience and certification to work in the industry as a professional dog groomer.

All our courses are self-paced and you can work online in the comfort of your home without any class distractions and disturbances. Start your selected course any time and enjoy the flexibility.

Why should I learn dog grooming with online courses?

We all have busy schedules and can struggle in taking that leap to start a new career. We also tend to put our full-time job and other responsibility over our passions or desired dreams to continue our studies. Don’t put your career on hold because you have a full-time job and other responsibilities. With our online courses, you can study at any time you like without worrying about being late for in-person classes. You dictate when and where you’ll take your course and classes.

You should study dog grooming online with our courses because where else can you get this level of flexibility? Following the course, you’ll receive your certificate of completion and make your way onto your dream career to becoming a professional dog groomer.

Will I receive my dog grooming certificate online?

All our dog grooming courses online in Australia will provide you with your certification of completion online. Once you’ve completed all modules, classes and exercises, you’ll receive a certificate with your name, completion date and course name. This online course is 100% certified and recognised by the industry — ensuring you’ll get your foot in the door for your next job opportunity as a professional dog groomer.

What are the benefits of online dog grooming courses?

Studying an online dog grooming course has many benefits and advantages. For starters, it’s very easy to complete your course online as it’s conducted at your own pace, so you don’t need to worry about the day to day pressures with work and family. Our courses were designed to be self-paced, and on average, our students spend anywhere between 10-15 hours per week completing their course. You can also opt for fewer or more hours depending on your time frame and goal of completion.

It’s also more affordable, as all our Get Course online courses provide flexible payment options. Simply pay weekly starting from $25 and gain access to completing your online course. We don’t want our students to miss out, which is why our mission is simple.

And finally, studying dog grooming is a skill many don’t have under their belt. By completing this course, you’ll not only build essential communication skills but you’ll be able to handle any situation as dog grooming can be complex depending on the breed. You never know what client you’ll be working with, so our online course will prepare you for any situation, enabling you to remain composed and professional all while executing your dog grooming skills to perfection. Plus, you’ll no longer have to pay for someone else to groom your dog!

What should I be looking for in online dog grooming courses?

Fundamentally, you should be looking for an online dog grooming course that is self-paced and exclusively online. You don’t want to select a course that is half online and half in-person when you can’t physically attend any classes! You also want to look for online dog grooming courses that are industry certified and accredited so you can easily find a job once you graduate with a certificate of completion.

What does a career in dog grooming look like?

Now that you have all the information on why you should study dog grooming online, as well as the benefits, let’s run through what your day to day would look like once you become a certified dog groomer.

The start of your day — At the start of your day you’ll run through your client bookings and get your stations set up for dog grooming services. There shouldn’t be much cleaning, as every evening you’ll clean all stations and prep for the following day.

Admin work and constant communication — Admin work is part of the job as you’ll need to book, reschedule, cancel and answer all inquiries for dog owners. Whether it’s from the tiniest detail of how you’ll be cutting the hair to ensuring the products are suitable for a particular breed — your communication skills will be necessary in your role as a dog groomer.

Grooming — You’ll be bathing, brushing, grooming, styling and ensuring your client’s dog is taken care of. You’ll play around with different styles of grooming depending on the breed and the client’s request. Grooming could also include teeth brushing and nail clipping, but it all depends on your services and the client’s unique requests.

How do I enrol to study dog grooming online?

When you’re looking to enrol in an online dog grooming course in Australia, you won’t find a smoother and more convenient process than at Get Course. Contact our team today by simply choosing the dog grooming course that suits your career goals and click “enquire now” to get started. Once you’ve filled out our online enquiry form, we’ll then allocate a course advisor to you. You’ll be informed of the entire process and can use this opportunity to ask any questions — we look forward to having you on board.