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Looking for the Bookkeeping Courses? A Certificate IV in Bookkeeping is best for students looking to really establish themselves from other candidates in the workforce by being able to offer BAS & GST services upon receipt of the certificate. In partnership with Mentor Education, this program has gained recognition at the national level and even become a requirement for anyone wishing to pursue a career as a BAS agent. As part of the program, students also receive admission into the Institute of Public Accountants at no charge. The program is truly a fast track into the working world by allowing its members to participate in IPA Discussion Groups with a wide variety of well-known speakers.

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Certificate in Small Business Bookkeeping

(Study Method: Online)

Are you interested in starting a career in finance, enjoy all things record keeping, and love working with numbers? Get a head start on your finance career and gain the know-how to become a professional bookkeeper with the Certificate In Small Business Bookkeeping course.

Certificate in Construction Business Administration And Bookkeeping

(Study Method: Online)

Do you love all things numbers, have an interest in the lucrative construction industry, and bookkeeping is a career you would love to launch? Become a specialist bookkeeper to the construction industry , focussing on administration and bookkeeping services for the busy builders and tradies who just do not have the time to keep on top of their bookkeeping and administrative side of the business.

Certificate In Small Trade Administration and Bookkeeping

(Study Method: Online)

If you enjoy crunching numbers and love the idea of starting your own small bookkeeping business but seek something that is both diverse, and offers a specialised service, you must consider becoming a specialist bookkeeper to the booming building market, focussing on administration and bookkeeping services for the busy tradies who just do not have the time to keep on top of their bookkeeping and administrative side of the business.


Study Bookkeeping Courses Online

Learning bookkeeping skills like assisting with taxes and BAS, developing and maintaining accounting systems and financial reporting are valuable skills to any industry. Unlike language, numbers are universal and used around the globe – this means your skills are portable and can be used anywhere.

We offer some of the best ILT (instructor led training) and bookkeeping courses online, leveraging colleges from all around Australia.The certificate and diplomas on offer are available in self-paced, full-time and part-time giving you the flexibility to study on your terms.

Let’s explore the bookkeeping industries and some of the bookkeeping certification courses you can take.
Bookkeepers are key components to any business’s daily functions. Management use financial data to help make their decisions and this is where you come in, so it is vital that you maintain accurate accounts of financial transactions.
Depending on your preference, Bookkeeping can be pretty flexible. There are full-time and part-time positions as well as the option for you to work from home and for yourself if you wish.

The bookkeeping role can involve payroll processing, processing sales and purchases, keeping accurate records, reconciliation reporting, the creation of financial reports for accountants and clients and preparing the Business Activity Statement (BAS). Having a bookkeeping certification will provide you with the know-how and skill set to confidently perform all of these tasks.
Having the ability to switch careers to bookkeeping can be an exciting prospect for many. Currently, the industry has a high concentration of women vs men with most people beginning their bookkeeping career in their late 20’s indicate that this is a preferred profession for people who are looking to re-enter the workforce or wanting to change careers.

Career Outcomes From Bookkeeping Courses

There are usually two distinct demographics who are looking at studying a bookkeeping course online. Mature age students looking to re-enter the workforce or wanting to switch careers and young people who will study bookkeeping as a means to enter this industry with a view to further their education in accountancy. The majority of people become bookkeepers or BAS agents but this industry presents other opportunities to chose from:

Accounts Clerk

Business Services Manager

Assistant Accountant

Office Manager


BAS Agent

Is Bookkeeping for you?

Your daily role as an employee will depend on the type of bookkeeping position you end up taking. Working for large firms usually means a lot of data entry work and operating as support staff to the accounting department in-house. However, working for a small business or yourself will usually entail operating as the main accountant which can cover all aspects of bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping has become a very attractive field of study to get into for people re-entering the workforce and those wishing to change careers, with so many different potential career paths available and how easy it is to get started. If you are more of an entrepreneur, you could offer your services to other business and work for yourself which would bring flexibility and variety to your career. You could also further your education and become an accountant which would allow you to demand a higher salary in the future.

On the other hand, bookkeepers schedules can fluctuate during tax time as you might be required to work longer hours. Tax time is the busiest time of the year for people working in the financial sector and this can be stressful at times.
If you don’t mind hard work, working with numbers and you have an eye for detail along with a desire to build your career in accountancy or one of the financial services, training as a bookkeeper is a great place to start.