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Want to boost your career in the dental industry? Check out our dental assistance courses and study 100% online.
As dental assistant courses become increasingly popular, it is important to be aware of the available types of courses. There are a variety of courses that can prepare you for a career as a dental assistant. At Get Course, you can find programs that offer in-depth online training for flexible learning.

Study Mode
HLT35021 Certificate III in Dental Assisting

(Study Method: Online)

This nationally recognised training qualification in dental assisting prepares you to assist with oral health care procedures, comply with infection control policies and procedures, process reusable equipment in health work and participate in work health and safety processes.

HLT35021 Certificate III + HLT45021 Certificate IV in Dental Assisting

(Study Method: Online)

Looking for a solid and fulfilling career in the oral health industry? If you aspire to become a successful dental health assistant, or level up your current skills and knowledge, the dual Certificate III + Certificate IV in Dental Assisting will help you become well-trained for the job within 24 months.

HLT35021 Certificate III in Dental Assisting + HLT45021 Certificate IV in Dental Assisting (Dental Radiography)

(Study Method: Online)

Passionate about oral health care? Want to help people achieve the brightest and healthiest smile? The back-to-back nationally recognised HLT35021 Certificate III in Dental Assisting + HLT45021 Certificate IV in Dental Assisting (Dental Radiography) will equip you with the skills and knowledge to become highly-qualified in oral health as a dental radiographer.

HLT45021 Certificate IV in Dental Assisting (Dental Radiography)

(Study Method: Online)

This comprehensive course will teach you how to assist with oral health care procedures and administration processes in a dental practice. You will also learn how to clean, sterilise and package reusable medical devices and equipment, and comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures as a qualified Dental Assistant.


Flexible dental assistant courses online in Australia

At Get Course, we pride ourselves on providing a clear path for flexible study for all online dental assistant courses. Our range of courses all come with the promise of fun, flexible learning, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to develop their skills at a custom pace. Whether you intend to study full-time, work part-time, or balance a full-time job with a dental assistant course, you’ll have the freedom to choose any study mode you desire.

Get Course offers the best dental assistant courses in Australia

Interested in one of our dental assistant courses? Simply browse through our specially curated online courses below to find one that best aligns with your passion. At Get Course, we aim to help millions of Australians get the training they need to carry them into the careers of their dreams. That’s why we offer flexible online dental assistant courses at reasonable prices, ensuring that each student has the chance to develop the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career.

We understand the need for a shakeup in the education system, so we prioritise authentic learning above simple exam memorisation techniques. Our courses are designed and vetted to meet our practice standards: fun, simplicity, and practicality. You’re here to learn how to become a dental assistant, and we’re here to provide.

To view all your options, use the navigation bar on the left to filter our dental assistant courses online according to several essential categories, including industry, qualification, study mode and course provider.

If you have any questions regarding our course availability, offerings, how you can get started or anything else, get in touch with us. A professional member of our team will be happy to help you in any way you need.

Frequently asked question

What will you learn during these courses?

Get Course is dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning experience. That’s why you’ll be taken through core dental principles and theories, ensuring that you’ll have a complex understanding of what it takes to become a successful dental assistant.

How can I become a dental assistant?

The pathway to becoming a dental assistant is clear: undertake a relevant dental assistant course, do the required practical hours and develop the necessary skills to carry you into your career. That’s why at Get Course, we prepare you for several career paths, including:

  • Dental radiography — Dental radiography is the use of X-rays in dental care. Radiographs (X-rays) are produced by passing X-ray radiation through a part of the body and detecting the resulting image on film.
  • Dental practice management — This involves the management of a dental practice, from resource and function management to promotion and general operation.
  • Dental procedure expertise — You’ll be an expert on the ins and outs of dental procedures, including infection prevention, policy and process control, and general oral health care procedures.
  • Dental equipment specialisation — Assistants are also expected to know how to operate, clean, sterilise and package reusable medical devices and equipment.

What are the benefits of dental assistant courses online?

Dental assistants have continued to be a valued and essential service in the thriving health industry. As a demanding career path, dental assistants must be given the appropriate resources, knowledge and skills to succeed in the long run. At Get Course, several dental assistant courses online in Australia allow you to learn while juggling a busy schedule. Some benefits of this unique learning system include:

  • Flexibility — Our courses allow you to study when you’re ready. So, whether you’re working a night job and need to finish your classes and study during the day or have a day job and need the flexibility to match, our dental assistant courses are flexible enough to fit into any schedule.
  • Affordability — Get Course understands that education can often be too expensive. We have developed online courses that are tailor-made for effective learning, focusing on delivering an experience that prioritises engagement, practicality and affordability over anything else.
  • Custom workload — Traditional forms of education can often be overwhelming, with tutorials and some lectures running at a pace that isn’t easy to follow. At Get Course, we mitigate this issue by giving students the ability to go back and revisit any material at any time, ensuring that nothing is missed and stress is avoided. This is particularly invaluable for students who work full time.

Can I study online?

Yes! Our dental assistant courses are entirely online, ensuring that you get the education you need at the pace you need.

How do I enrol in a dental assistant course online?

Enrolling in a class with Get Course is quick and easy. Simply use the course catalogue above and look for a program that suits your interests. Selecting a course of your choice will give you detailed instructions on how to proceed. Once you fill out the enrollment form, you just have to wait for one of our expert course advisors to contact you and help you through the rest of the process.

If you have any questions about the process, our course advisors can also go through anything else that you need. Whether you’re interested in learning more about a specific course, having trouble finding the right course path or just need further clarification about the initial enrollment process, we’re here to help.