Carpentry Courses

Carpentry is a trade that involves a lot of shaping, cutting and installing of building materials during the construction of ships, timber bridge, structural building and concrete frameworks. Traditionally, Carpenters did rougher work like framing and used natural wood. Nowadays a carpenter uses many different materials. Other professions like cabinetmaking and furniture building are also considered forms of carpentry in the modern-day industry. In the process of building, Carpenters are the first people to the job to set up frameworks and the last tradesman to leave. In Australia, a fully qualified Carpenter needs to complete his or her apprenticeship training (which usually takes about 4 years) and complete a competency test. An online carpentry course like the Certificate in Carpentry is the perfect entry point for anyone looking to become a carpenter. Please see our carpentry courses below.

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CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction

(Study Method: On CampusOnline)

This nationally recognised qualification applies to residential building and will teach how to apply building codes and standards to the construction process, manage small business finances, select and prepare a construction contract, identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects, produce labour and material schedules for ordering, as well as select, procure, and store construction materials.