How to Become a Social Media Specialist

Social media has brilliantly transformed the world and how we interact with it. According to Social Media News, close to 50% of Australians access Facebook on a daily basis. Likewise, it has completely changed the way we do business. Therefore, social media specialists, social media managers, and social media coordinators are in high demand and short supply.

There’s a multitude of reasons to expand your horizons and consider retraining to be a part of the social media movement. Whether you’re unemployed/underemployed, seeking a change of pace, or simply want to be a part of the future now, more than ever, is the best time to find yourself equipped to join the 21st century workforce! In this blog, we’ll discuss more reasons to pursue this role, how to become a social media specialist, and more.


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What Does a Social Media Specialist Do?

It is difficult to picture becoming a social media specialist – after all, what exactly do they produce? Web content? Facebook posts?

Generally, a social media specialist is responsible for creating and/or scheduling content that would be posted on an organisation’s social media accounts. To be more specific, there are different titles related to a social media specialist. Some of them are called social media strategist, social media coordinator, or social media manager. To know what each of these roles does, please check out this blog post.

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Why Become a Social Media Specialist?

There are a lot of reasons to become a social media specialist. On a practical sense, this career makes a comfortable average salary of AU$61,648 per year. Plus, you can develop multiple skills when you pursue this role. You’ll definitely improve your communication skills, creativity, administration, and even your analytical skills.

Some employers also allow their social media specialists or managers to work remotely, or even work at your preferred schedule. The best part about this role is that half of the work is done for you already – since you can already use apps, and artificial intelligence to help you ace the job.

With a native perspective on the English language, your skills as a social media coordinator are not relegated to the confines of your city, region, or even Australia. You would be able to remove yourself from the local, domestic economy and throw your weight and skills as a social media specialist into a global marketplace hungry for ambitious social media managers.

Another opportunity you can consider in the future is to find your own clients and establish your own social media marketing agency. Indeed, the number of doors that this role can open is endless.

How to Become a Social Media Specialist

As a social media specialist, you need to understand the dynamic concepts behind social media and how you can excellently perform your duties. You would need to have the right certifications, training, and experience to truly break into this expanding industry.

Want to know how to become a social media specialist, manager, or coordinator? Honestly, it’s not difficult. You just need to be willing to put in the time. You can invest in a few hours per week of studying a certificate in social media to prepare for your future.

If you need help on this, our Certificate in Social Media can help work around your own payment schedule as well. You can either pay the full price outright or opt into a flexible payment scheme at $25/week. The benefit of this? You can study online at your own pace, and make adjustments as you slowly, but surely, get closer and closer to adding ‘social media specialist’ to your resume.

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All in all, there really is no excuse to stay at your dead-end job. Whatever your work may be, it’s good to know that it doesn’t take a PhD to becoming a social media specialist. All you need is the right attitude, the willingness to learn, and the creativity to succeed in this role.

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Thanks for reading and all the best!

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