Certificate in Carnivore Zoology

(Study Method : Online)

Certificate in Carnivore Zoology xarina March 26, 2020 March 26, 2020

This Certificate in Carnivore Zoology specialises in understanding carnivores including their health, behaviour, reproduction, diet and nutrition of apex predators including wolverines, wolves, wild dogs, bears, crocodiles, sharks, big cats and more. You’ll also learn how to interact with carnivores in a captive environment safely, enclosure design and maintenance, occupational health and safety and more.

Certificate in Wildlife Photography

(Study Method : Online)

Certificate in Wildlife Photography xarina March 26, 2020 March 26, 2020

The Wildlife Photography Certificate will help you learn from industry professionals as they teach you how to capture and produce high-quality, professional shots of wildlife in their natural habitats, and much more.

Certificate in Marine Studies

(Study Method : Online)

Certificate in Marine Studies jose March 27, 2020 March 26, 2020

Fascinated about fish, crustaceans, marine mammals, and marine life? Turn your love for the ocean into an exciting career. The Certificate in Marine Studies is a unique and informative course that teaches you all you need to know to level-up your knowledge in this field. This course covers relevant and important topics such as marine ecology systems, shallow waters and reefs, marine organisms, marine mammals and higher animals, human impact on marine environments, earth science, and much more.

Certificate in Park Management

(Study Method : Online)

Certificate in Park Management jose March 26, 2020 March 26, 2020

The Certificate in Park Management will prepare you for a fulfilling career working in national parks, zoos, and wildlife conservation areas by helping you learn how to work with the natural environment in conservation, rehabilitation, and environmental protection. This course will teach you everything about wildlife management, how to manage and execute a successful ecotour, marine studies, earth sciences, workplace safety, and so much more. Make an Enquiry about the Certificate in Park Management Today!

Wildlife Photography Certificate

(Study Method : Online)

Wildlife Photography Certificate getcoursebest March 26, 2020 January 3, 2020

The Wildlife Photography Certificate includes detailed zoology modules to help you identify and work safely around a wide variety of wild animals, including carnivores, reptiles, birds, mammals, primates, aquatic animals, etc. You’ll learn every step of the process from camera and equipment setup, mastering exposure techniques, perfect image composition, and post-processing images with Lightroom software. You’ll also receive a FREE DLSR Camera when you enrol.

Certificate in Wildlife Veterinary Assistance getcoursebest March 11, 2020 July 1, 2019

The Certificate in Wildlife Veterinary Assistance will teach you about wildlife conservation and animal healthcare, including the recovery of threatened species, habitat conservation, animal behaviour, safety procedures and veterinary facilities, animal first aid, marine conservation, and so much more.