A Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism can teach you how to be a capable, certified travel agent, a qualified bartender, a knowledgeable, acknowledged restaurateur or even a competent, recognised hotel manager. This course is 4 certificates in one delivering you stacks of quality content at a very affordable price.

The Certificate in Food & Beverage Management will help you develop a good foundation to work in a restaurant, catering or other food services in the hospitality industry. You’ll learn everything from planning menus to managing staff, waiting skills to kitchen and food management.

Certificate in Bar Service

(Study Method : Online)

College: The Career Academy
The Certificate in Bar Service has been designed as a head start course for anyone looking to work in a bar environment as well as giving a well-rounded idea of what it takes to be a good bartender. You will learn how to make delicious cocktails, proper bar service techniques and learn how to identify and describe a variety of wines in detail.