How to Turn Your OCD Into A Profitable Business

Ever been told that you’re a little OCD when it comes to cleaning? Whether you’re just a little houseproud and enjoy making your home look its best, or you straight up cant stand mess and get a lot of satisfaction from cleaning- have you ever thought about capitalising on this?

Cleaners are always in high demand, and cleaning businesses are needed for both homes and offices, so careers in commercial and domestic cleaning mean you’ll never be short on work. If it’s something you can gain satisfaction from doing (and know that you can do a good job) then all the better! Here’s how you can go about it.

Get some education behind you

Being able to do anything well starts with a good understanding of the topic. You might think that cleaning is ‘easy’ or something that anyone can do but it’s not always the case. There are certain skills you’ll need to learn, from what kind of equipment to use to what kind of chemicals and cleaning products to use, to health and safety. Going into any business venture simply guessing and assuming you can get it right the first time is a risky and naive move. Study commercial and domestic cleaning online at the very minimum to get started.

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Decide what kind of cleaning company you will be

With any business you’ll need to find your niche, and this is true with cleaning businesses. Will you offer cleaning services to high end clients in large homes, or will your target audience be busy parents and new moms? Will you focus on commercial cleaning such as offices and shops? You could still study commercial and domestic cleaning courses to get an understanding of the subject in general, perhaps acquire a commercial and domestic cleaning business certificate. But from there, work out which direction you want to go in and tighten up your focus. You’ll already have the background knowledge and understanding to go in any direction.

Budget for your equipment

The type of cleaning business you run will impact what kind of equipment you will need. For example, in the case of large shops and offices you’ll likely need a floor buffing and polishing machine and more intensive products. If you’re cleaning houses, you may just need standard cleaning essentials. If you’re adding a specialisation to your business such as carpet cleaning then you’ll need the know how and equipment for this too.

When you study commercial and domestic cleaning online, you’ll learn how to do things like tackle stains, which chemicals to use on which surfaces and how to properly clean rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Knowing this information helps you to work out what kind of equipment and materials you need, so you can budget effectively and get your cleaning business off to the best start.

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