Top Careers for Diplomat and Sentinel Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Hi there! This is the second installment of our two-blog series about the top careers for the 16 personality types defined in Myers-Briggs theory. The first article focuses on the yellow explorers and purple analysts or the personality types with the following codes:


If you didn’t find your personality type the first post, it’s certainly here.

In this post, we’ve included the top careers for the green diplomat and blue sentinel families which include the following personality types:


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Let’s get straight into enumerating the top careers for the green and blue personality types, yes?

Note: All the job titles with hyperlinks will take you to specific online courses that provide lessons closely related to the skills required for the job.

The Green Diplomats

INFJ – “Advocate”

This personality type loves doing charitable works and making a positive impact on society. Advocates are extremely rare beings, taking up less than 1% of the population. They are gentle, caring and soft-spoken but they have strong opinions and they stand for what they believe in. INFJs are orderly and systematic so they’re excellent administrators, organizers and managers.

The strengths of advocates include being altruistic, creative, insightful, decisive, inspiring, convincing, passionate and determined. On the other hand, their weaknesses include being a perfectionist, extremely private, sensitive, and getting burnt out easily.

Top Careers for the INFJ
INFP – “Mediator”

Just like the rest of their diplomat cousins, INFPs rely on their principles. They are driven by pure intentions rather than rewards and recognition which can be hard to understand for some. As good visual communicators, mediators are innately creative and poetic. They love fantasies and unexplored ideas. INFPs also have the ability to learn two or more languages other than their mother tongue.

Their strengths include being creative, energetic, passionate, hard-working, open-minded, idealistic, flexible and their desire to seek harmony. Meanwhile, their weaknesses include being too idealistic, too altruistic, impractical, taking things too personally, dislike dealing with data, and being difficult to understand at times.

Top Careers for the INFP
ENFJ – “Protagonist”

ENFJs are innate leaders, possessing so much passion, charisma, and good people skills. Just like the other diplomats, they’re also highly altruistic, even to the point of burning out themselves because of carrying people’s problems. They are more reserved than other extroverted personalities though. They enjoy trying to read people’s minds from afar.

The strengths of protagonists include being reliable, charismatic, having strong leadership abilities, tolerant and altruistic. In contrary, their weaknesses include their fluctuating self-esteem, being too sensitive, being too selfless, overly idealistic, and being quite indecisive.

Top Careers for the ENFJ
ENFP – “Campaigner”

The ENFPs are amazingly independent, creative individuals. Having said that, their self-esteem is greatly influenced by their capacity to come up with original ideas and solutions. Although they’re driven, hard-working people, they also know how to relax. They’re free-spirited so you’ll see them hustling at work in the morning then dancing in parties at night on a normal basis. They’re intuitive, sociable and charming just like the other diplomats.

The strengths of campaigners include being curious, keen observant, enthusiastic, energetic, excellent communicators, popular and friendly. On the other hand, their downsides include being highly emotional, having poor practical skills, being sometimes unfocused, getting stressed easily and overthinking.

Top Careers for the ENFP
How To Land These Roles

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The Blue Sentinels

ISTJ – “Logistician”

Making up almost 13% of society, the logisticians are known for their integrity, pursuit of excellence and practical logic. Most ISTJs prefer to work alone. They’re dedicated people who take pride in the kind of work they do and enjoy taking responsibility for their actions. Dishonest and lazy people piss off this personality type.

The strengths of ISTJs include being open-minded, enthusiastic, honest, straightforward, objective, imaginative, original, great analysts and abstract thinkers. Meanwhile, their weaknesses include being insensitive, absent-minded, very private, condescending and withdrawn. They also loathe rules and guidelines and have the tendency to second-guess themselves.

Top Careers for the ISTJ
ISFJ – “Defender”

As innate altruists, you’ll normally find defenders being kind and generous to almost anyone. In terms of work, though they procrastinate, they’re very meticulous so their outputs are always done in perfection. The challenge though is that ISFJs tend to underplay their accomplishments. Therefore, some people take advantage of them by giving them more work then taking the credit that’s supposed to be for the ISFJs.

The strengths of this personality type include being reliable, patient, helpful, enthusiastic, loyal, hard-working, observant, imaginative and having high practical skills. In contrary, their weaknesses fall on being reluctant to change, being too altruistic, shy, repressing their feelings, overloading themselves with work and taking things too personally.

Top Careers for the ISFJ
ESTJ – “Executive”

ESTJs are known for giving clear advice and guidance to the people around them. They’re the kind of people who uphold tradition and order, and love to bring people together. They also excel in handling complicated tasks and in leadership roles. Likewise, ESTJs enjoy bringing people together whether for a good cause or for social gatherings.

Executives are strong-willed, dedicated, honest, patient, reliable, loyal people who are also excellent organisers and who enjoy creating orders. On the other hand, their weaknesses involve being stubborn, inflexible, judgemental, too focused on social status, uncomfortable in unconventional situations and having difficulty to express emotions and to relax.

Top Careers for the ESTJ
ESFJ – “Consul”

Consuls are popular individuals which we don’t doubt since they take up 12% of the population. They’re caring and highly sociable people who love getting regular life updates from their friends, family and loved ones. Just like the rest of their sentinel cousins, ESFJs are also altruists and conflict-averse. They love to be of service, especially when they feel valued and appreciated/

The Consul’s most visible strengths are having strong practical skills, a strong sense of duty, being loyal, being good at connecting to others, and being loyal, warm and sensitive to others. However, some of their weaknesses are being inflexible, vulnerable to criticism, reluctant to innovate or improvise, being worried about their social status, being too needy and selfless.

Top Careers for the ESFJ
How To Land These Roles

If you’re one of the sentinels, you’ll notice that most of the careers suitable to them require practical knowledge, math skills, counselling skills, and management capabilities.

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What we’ve mentioned just some of the careers paths you can consider if you’re personality type falls under the green diplomats (INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, ENFP,) or the blue sentinels (ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, and ESFJ).

Meanwhile, if you’re one of the yellow explorers (ISTP ISFP, ESTP, ESFP), or if you’re part of the purple analysts (INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, ENTP), you can find the top careers for your personality type on our first blog.

Finally, we hope this two-blog series has helped you gain more career insights. If you have questions about our courses, please don’t hesitate to send your enquiries through the orange button below.

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