List Of Secured Jobs Unaffected By The Coronavirus Pandemic

Digital image featuring a pair of hands holding a shield with a briefcase, signifying careers that remained strong during the pandemic.

In the present global situation, there are more than enough worries for any and all of us to consider. The Coronavirus pandemic has, in a very short space of time, reordered the way the world works. We’ve moved, in the space of a month or little more, from getting up in the morning to commute to work to a situation where our jobs may be gone entirely, or we are doing them from home, unsure whether they’re going to exist by the time this is all over.

While there are other issues to concern us, it’s natural that we will be concerned by job security in this difficult time. There is little doubt that the human cost of this virulent illness will be followed by an economic downturn, and it’s likely that you have wondered what this process means for your ability to have a secure income going forward. For those who are in precisely that position, there may be some benefit in knowing that there are employment paths which will survive throughout the pandemic and beyond – the following are some examples of such secured jobs.

1. Digital Marketing

As the job title suggests, digital marketing is a practice that happens almost exclusively online and, as such, is untouched by the strict quarantine restrictions that are leaving offices empty across the globe. Because they aren’t handling a physical product, and have the freedom to move from campaign to campaign – allowing them to offer their services to other pandemic-proof businesses – digital marketers will be able to keep working through a downturn. They may, in fact, become more essential as businesses find it harder to market through conventional analogue means.

Seeking out a Digital Marketing Course now means you can be ready for the next steps – whenever they may come. You can become a digital marketing associate following a flexible programme and gain a skill that is only going to become more valuable.

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2. Counselling

Few, if any, of us can remember a time when everything was so uncertain, and this public health catastrophe is impossible to ignore. It is also having the effect of masking, and in some cases aggravating, a mental health crisis that isn’t going away. Now, more than ever, people need to be able to speak to someone who understands what they are going through and can help them process it.

The human mind is complicated, but with the right tools it can be unlocked, and those tools can be learned through a Counselling and Psychology course that takes place wholly online, where you can also deliver the service. Counsellors will be of vital importance in getting people through this pandemic, and it’s a job in which you can truly do some good.

Completing a Domestic Violence Certificate online equips you with vital skills to support individuals affected by domestic violence, an issue magnified by the pandemic's stress.

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3. Graphic Design

While much of the world is talking about stripping back to only the essential services and products – and there is no doubt these must be provided – creativity is not going to disappear during this time. People are switching their attention to projects that can make the most of their time spent isolating from the world; there are going to be some intriguing works unveiled to the public both during the time of the crisis and when it ends.

Much of this creativity will be impossible to bring forth without a keen aesthetic eye and the ability to master detail. Skills in post-production are going to be a handy thing to have as the fruits of people’s labour come to the fore.

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4. Online Safety

The vast majority of people who have remained in work during this crisis have switched from commuting to an office and are now if not by choice, converts to a “work from home” revolution. However long this crisis lasts, there are going to be people whose homes are now their offices. Even after the spread has stopped, some people will want to continue their new-found way of working; you may well be one of those numbers.

It should be noted that, across the world, people who work from home are among the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. People don’t realise just how protected their servers are when they work from a large office or call centre – and how unprotected they are at home. Workers with a qualification in cybersecurity are about to become more valued than ever before, so it’s worth exploring that world.

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5. Educational Support

Parents across Australia have found themselves thrown into the role of teacher by the closure of schools. Almost uniformly, the Coronavirus era has imbued each parent with a new-found respect for the energy and resourcefulness of teachers; many are looking to support structures already, and others are sure to follow as they realise that home-schooling without expert assistance can only take their kids so far. Particularly beneficial for those with some experience in the field, an educational support course will give you the advantages needed to assist ongoing education both during the crisis and after it ends.

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6. Supermarket workers

One revolutionary realisation on the back of this horrific period has been that the real key workers often aren’t sequestered in an office pushing numbers around, or in a boardroom making hiring and firing decisions. Often, the most important workers are the ones whose input is never heralded. Retail stores have to remain open even during a period of social distancing; their workers have still to turn up and are putting their health at risk to do so. If they don’t, people will start to go hungry pretty quickly.

For obvious reasons, supermarkets are swamped right now, shelves are emptying as quickly as they can be filled and vulnerable shoppers need to be treated with care, caution, and respect. Supermarket work is among the most in-demand jobs at the moment, and there are plenty of opportunities to be found there. With a steady wage and decent hours on offer, as well as a new-found respect from the public, there are much worse ways to make a living.

The above are a few options if you’re looking for secured jobs in this period – a time which is likely to last for some months yet, and whose end we cannot predict. Starting your search now is a wise move.