9 Profitable Beauty And Fashion Careers For Australians

Graphic of a stylish woman with closed eyes, using a makeup brush on her cheeks, adorned with earrings and a necklace.

More than the glitz and glam, the fashion and beauty industries exist for a greater reason: to make people feel good about themselves. And since these two industries are interconnected, we’ve decided to discuss some typical fashion and beauty careers in one post.

And so, if the idea of making people feel more beautiful inside and out excites you, stay with us and see if any of these careers pique your interest.

Before we get started, if you're interested in pursuing a career in these fields, consider exploring Beauty Courses online to enhance your skills and knowledge. Also, if you want to keep this post on your Pinterest account for reference, you can save the graphic below by clicking the red button to your left or by hitting the infographic itself.

So, are you ready to dig into the details?

Note: The salary ranges below are actual figures from PayScale Australia.

1. Fashion Stylist

This career is responsible for building the wardrobe of celebrities, models, politicians, and public personalities for a TV show, editorial features, music videos, concerts, films, and other public appearances.

Fashion stylists also find unique clothes, jewelry, and accessories from different parts of the globe if necessary. They often work with a creative team which usually involves fashion designers, directors, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, and the like.

If you’re interested in becoming a fashion stylist, starting small with something like a Certificate in Fashion Styling can be the perfect place to get started.

Note: The earnings of fashion stylists are not limited to the amount below. Many fashion stylists work for high-profile personalities, allowing them to earn hundreds of thousands per year.

Annual Salary: AU$40,754 – AU$85,731

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2. Eyebrow Tattoo Artist

Eyebrow embroidery, also known as eyebrow microblading or tattooing, is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows customers to have thicker, fuller, and natural-looking eyebrows in just an hour or two. In Australia, the average amount of eyebrow embroidery ranges from $400- $800.

This procedure is done by an eyebrow tattoo artist, often equipped with Lash Certification, who uses ratio techniques to ensure that the eyebrows are in proportion to the facial shape of the customer. Additionally, many of these artists pursue an eyebrow technician certification to enhance their expertise. Eyebrow tattoo artists are also called cosmetic tattoo artists. Many of them are either working as freelancers or managing their eyebrow embroidery salons, making them skilled eyebrow technician. They often also offer services such as eyebrow shaping and tinting, enhancing their repertoire and appeal to clients seeking comprehensive eyebrow care.

Annual Salary: Depends on the number of customers

3. Fashion Designer

Since fashion design requires good drawing skills and an imaginative spirit, this career is for highly creative and artistic people who love to work with their hands. They design clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for apparel businesses, celebrities, and public figures. Fashion designers are also knowledgeable in sewing, sometimes even sewing their masterpieces without help.

This role requires you to be constantly updated with current fashion trends as well as have a good understanding of colours, patterns, textiles, and measurements. If you’ve thought about becoming a fashion designer, obtaining a Certificate in Fashion Design can be an awesome entry point to learn the basics.

Note: The earnings of fashion designers are not limited to the amount below. Many fashion designers earn even millions per year because they create top-of-the-line masterpieces.

Annual Salary: AU$41,280 – AU$94,688

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4. Fashion Model

Despite being blessed with their physical appearance, fashion models are highly disciplined individuals. They work a lot to keep their bodies in top shape; they eat healthy to keep their skin glowing; they practice poses and catwalks, and more.

Their job isn’t limited to walking the runway, though. Modeling extends to print advertisements and even digital promotional materials. This is the dream job for many since being a fashion model pays both fame and fortune.

Note: The earnings of fashion models usually depend on the talent fee specified by their managers and the number of contracts they sign each year.

Annual Salary: AU$32,149 – AU$121,004

5. Makeup Artist

Almost every woman knows how to put some lipstick, foundation, and eyeshadow on. However, what sets makeup artists apart is their ability to successfully apply different types of makeup for various occasions. They know that your makeup for a beach wedding must be different from your makeup for an indoor rock concert. Plus, they can name almost all the tools and steps involved in doing makeup (i.e. soft fan, beauty blender, sculpt brush, etc.). They also use the jargon “crease,” “strobing,” “dupe,” and “foiling” almost daily. To truly master these techniques, consider enrolling in a Makeup Artistry Course, which can provide the professional training needed for success.

If the thought of being a makeup artist excites you, the first step is to educate yourself about the art and technicalities of the job. A certificate in makeup artistry can give you the foundation you need to start your career. Depending on your aspirations, you can do a flat-out Diploma to get a head start and get qualified straight away or you can go a bit slower and learn the basics and theory with a certificate. Attending a beauty school offers a range of beauty therapy and Makeup Courses which you can find just below.

Note: Most makeup artists work either as freelancers or manage their own makeup service business, and thus their earnings can be greater than the amount indicated below.

Annual Salary: AU$35,880 – AU$72,671

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6. Beauty and Fashion B/Vlogger

According to Obstacle.co, one of the most popular blogging niches today is beauty and fashion combined. This also explains why more and more people shop for clothes and shoot them for Instagram and/or their websites. On the other hand, some people hoard makeup and skincare products, so they have something to “review” and feature on their YouTube channels to give insight to others online who might be looking for useful info on a particular product.

The best thing about being a blogger or vlogger is that once you’ve grown your following, you can get free products from companies and even travel for free.

Most of the time, b/vloggers earn through paid partnerships with companies that practice influential marketing. Their talent fees are usually based on their number of followers or subscribers and the number of shares, views, and likes their posts get.

Annual Salary: Depends on the number of active followers/subscribers

7. Eyelash Technician

Eyelash technicians are responsible for perming eyelashes, eyelash tinting, and installing eyelash extensions on customers. These professionals undergo a series of training not just to safely perform their duties but also to know how to sanitise the products they use.

Since the procedures are quite crucial, being an eyelash technician requires a cosmetology, aesthetician, or a medical license in Australia. At Bela Beauty College, we offer a Certificate in Eyelash Extensions and Eyebrow Courses that can take you through the basics of getting started and help set you up as a successful eyelash technician.

Annual Salary: Depends on the number of clients

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8. Hair Stylist

Whether you need a haircut, a perm, some hair rebonding, or even hair colouring, you can trust that a hairstylist can do it. They’ve mastered and learned how to balance both science and art to do hair makeovers. This expertise often comes from rigorous training in Hairdressing Courses, where professionals learn to determine what types of hair products to use on each hair type depending on their customer's needs. Aside from “doing” the hair, they’re also responsible for determining what types of hair products to use on each hair type depending on their customer's needs.

Although some of them also do freelance work for celebrities along with stylists and makeup artists, a majority of hairstylists work in a salon.

Annual Salary: AU$37,247 – AU$56,281

9. Salon Manager

While hairstylists do their job, salon managers are busy with the logistics and marketing of the business. They’re responsible for all the things behind boosting the company’s revenue and keeping the staff and customers delighted.

Their job description also involves financial administration, program development, recruitment, hiring, employee motivation, and smooth day-to-day salon operations. The good thing is that our beauty therapy online courses are also comprised of salon management modules that can help you set up, manage, and even open your own salon business.

Annual Salary: AU$41,332 – AU$62,416

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These are just some of the most popular fashion and beauty careers across the globe. What we like about these roles is that you can work in various settings, either as a part of a team, as company staff, or as a solo freelancer which means your earnings are not limited to the status quo. To prepare for these diverse career paths, consider exploring courses offered by Ulleo, which can provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in these roles. Also, graduates of the Australian Beauty School and Bela Beauty College often find diverse opportunities in these exciting fields.

If you’re interested in pursuing any of the attractive roles above, it’s about time to equip yourself with the skills required to pull the job off, including the opportunity to learn spray tanning online. Make sure you check out our beauty therapy courses, makeup, or fashion courses if you are serious about getting started. For enquiries or clarification on any courses, please reach out to us by clicking the orange button below.

Have a stylish day ahead!