How To Become A Certified Eyelash Technician In Australia

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In Australia, eyelash extensions are as popular as having a good haircut. This is also why eyelash technicians are becoming more in demand in the country. If you’re interested in pursuing this role, whether as a part-time or full-time job and would like to know how to become a certified eyelash technician in Australia, including obtaining a lash certification, that’s exactly what we’re here for. We’ll discuss the skills and qualifications you’ll need to become an eyelash technician.

The Skills You Need

Ultimately, an eyelash technician needs to know how to map lashes, and how to properly apply and remove various types of eyelash extensions. Completing professional Eyelash Courses, including those available through Beauty Courses Online, is key to mastering these skills. It is essential to ensure that these courses are accredited courses, which validate the quality and reliability of the training you receive. You must also have good communication and people skills to make the clients feel satisfied with their experience. Patience is crucial for this type of beauty career, especially when faced with irate clients.

In addition, having innate marketing skills can also help you land this role as some companies prefer to hire someone who can “upsell” or market premium services to the clients. Taking specific Marketing Courses could enhance these abilities, equipping you to more effectively promote and sell services.

The Qualifications You Must Acquire

Some employers do not require a bachelor’s degree, a diploma, or any other certification for this type of role. However, since the job entails technical and practical skills related to the application of eyelash extensions, some employers prefer those who have completed an accredited Eyelash Course and Eyebrow Courses for certification at Bela Beauty College. Additionally, enrolling in Beauty Therapy Courses can further enhance your expertise, offering comprehensive training that includes lash and brow care as part of a broader curriculum in beauty treatments.

This kind, of course, will teach you how to map lashes, how to refill or retouch eyelash extensions, how to apply them, how to provide aftercare treatment and more. In fact, our classic lashes online course can also give you more knowledge about volume lashes, lash growth cycles, eye shapes and types, and eyelash hygiene and safety practices. Enrolling in a beauty school ensures you receive comprehensive training and expert guidance in all these areas, preparing you for a successful career in eyelash extensions.

Why Become an Eyelash Technician?

First, the industry is booming. More and more beauty salons are adding eyelash extensions to their list of services so you better take advantage of this. Second, women love eyelashes so even as a part-time job, you will never be short of clients.

The data from ZipRecruiter says that an eyelash technician receives about US$42,417 or AU$59,515 per year, making it a good part-time role for people who want to earn extra cash during the weekends

The beauty industry offers numerous niches where introverts can shine, including the specialised field of eyelash technology and a comprehensive spray tan training program from accredited courses in Australia. Explore beauty careers for introverts where you can apply your meticulous skills and creativity in a one-on-one setting, providing a comfortable space for both you and your clients.

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