7 Beauty Careers that are Always In-Demand and How Much They Pay

in-demand beauty careers

Are you a certified beauty junkie wondering which opportunities in the beauty industry you can still consider today? The beauty industry is always booming. There are a variety of beauty careers that are always in high demand. Moreover, they are extremely rewarding both financially and emotionally. In this blog post, we will discuss the seven in-demand beauty careers, along with the average annual salary for each role. We will also provide an overview of what the job entails, including roles that benefit from taking beauty therapy courses. So you can decide if it is the right fit for you!

Here are the 7 In-Demand Beauty Careers that Never Went Out of Trend.

Some of these courses don't require a college degree. So you don't need to worry about not pursuing your dream beauty career anytime soon. These jobs will help you become your own boss. They can kickstart your own salon or any successful career in the beauty and fashion industry.

1. Makeup Artist

Annual Salary: $50,615 (or $26.69 Per Hour, according to Payscale)

Job Role: Makeup artists are responsible for helping their clients achieve the perfect look. They are skilled and talented in applying makeup flawlessly. Also, they have a good understanding of different skin types, and skincare methods.

A professional makeup artist creates beauty looks that are specific to the individual they're working with. They understand the best practices and ethics of makeup artistry. It includes sanitising the workstation and cosmetics for every new client. And also applying makeup that will enhance the best features of the face. Makeup artists are also experts in concealing marks, applying foundation that matches the client's skin tone. Moreover, doing avant-garde makeup for fashion shows, and more.

Successful makeup artists don't only flourish within the beauty industry by accepting makeup appointments for different events, they also make extra income through vlogging. Yes, a makeup artist can also be a beauty blogger on the side. To enhance their skills and content, they often enroll in makeup courses. Blogs can cover all sorts of topics related to the beauty industry such as the life of a makeup artist, product reviews, and tutorials about the proper application of cosmetic products, beauty care tips, or advice.

2. Hairstylist/ Hairdresser

Annual Salary: $54,000 (According to Talent)

Job Role: Hairstylists are responsible for cutting, styling, and colouring hair. They must be up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques and must be able to work with all different types of hair.

When it comes to knowing the best hair styling techniques, no one can go wrong with properly trained hairstylists or hairdressers. They are responsible for providing clients with haircuts or hairstyles that complement their face shape or certain hair treatments to achieve their desired look.

Plus, not only do hairstylists work in a hair salon; some of them have their own beauty business at home, offering beauty therapy services for their client's convenience. Those beauty services are including, but are not limited to hot oil treatment, hair colouring, hair bleaching, haircut, hair straightening, hair waxing, hair cellophane, hair rebonding, and hair extensions.

3. Esthetician

Average Hourly Pay: $27.36 (According to Payscale)

Job Role: Estheticians are skin care specialists who are responsible for providing facials, body treatments, laser hair removal, or other cosmetic procedures or skin treatments to give clients their desired appearance. They must be knowledgeable about different skin types and problems, and the best way to care for and treat them. 

An esthetician is a licensed skin care professional and a type of beauty therapist who's responsible for assessing the client's skin condition and determining which treatment should be administered. They aim to enhance the appearance of their client's skin through providing different beauty therapy and cosmetic procedures such as facial, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, light therapy, tanning, acne treatments, or referring clients to dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons for advanced treatment.

To become a skincare specialist or beauty therapist, you need to study in professional state-approved skin treatment courses or aesthetics courses in Australia. Once you complete the study you are also encouraged to gain formal training before you can start working in a clinic or start your own business in the beauty industry.

4. Nail Technician/ Nail Artist 

Average Annual Salary: $45,000 (or $20.65 per hour, according to Payscale)

Job Role: Nail technicians are responsible for providing manicures, pedicures, and other nail services. They work on different types of nails and create different designs depending on the client's request.

Thanks to Youtube and Tik Tok, the nail design trend is constantly booming. Clients don't only pay for the materials, but for the art and the painstaking process required to achieve their desired design; from ombre nails to long acrylic ones with gems, nail technicians got it covered!

Nail technicians are trained beauty professionals who create different stylish and beautiful nail art designs for their clients. They use various tools, techniques, and nail polish types to ensure the nails don't only look fabulous, but are sturdy and manageable, as well. So if you want to express your passion and creativity through nail art and providing treatment and care advice to your prospective client, then you have the potential of becoming a successful nail technician or nail artist!

5. Beauty Consultant

Average Annual Salary: $53,004 (according to Talent)

Job Role: Beauty consultants mostly work in department stores, pharmacies, beauty stores, boutiques, beauty companies, or skincare clinics that are responsible for giving beauty advice to their clients. 

Beauty consultants offer beauty advice to clients and assist them in getting the perfect look for any occasion. Some of these professionals work with makeup artists, dermatologists or other medical experts depending on what type of service they provide. 

They also around to various salons and spas and make appointments for their clients with stylists or doctors. They might be asked by companies to provide beauty services at certain events such as weddings or beauty expos. So if you have a passion for talking to people and helping them find the best treatments or products, a beauty consultant career is the right one for you!

6. Makeup Sales Representative

Average Annual Salary: $60,399 (according to Payscale)

Job Role: Makeup sales representatives are responsible for selling makeup products to their clients. They are highly knowledgeable about the beauty products they are selling and can give honest and reliable advice on which products they should use.

Makeup sales representatives are important in the beauty industry due to their knowledge of cosmetic products and for having solid customer service skills. Through conducting detailed surveys, they can help customers find products that match their skin type and skincare needs.

Plus, they are also able to do product demonstrations to prospective customers at the boutique or cosmetics store they're working in. They provide detailed and helpful instructions on how the client can make the most of the product and achieve its promised result.

7. Beauty School Instructor

Starting Annual Base Salary: $57,337 (According to Talent)

Job Role: Beauty school instructors are responsible for teaching beauty school students the skills and knowledge they need to acquire. 

If there's one thing we should thank beauty instructors for, it's helping many women have stable and successful careers within the beauty industry. Because of them, we have makeup artists, hairstylists, beauty therapists, eyelash technicians and other beauty experts who cater to our beauty needs.

Their daily duty includes educating students about makeup artistry, nail art, eyelash extensions, esthetics, etc. They create lesson plans, modules, and exercise materials to teach their students the fundamental skills they need to learn to become a successful beauty professional after they graduate.

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We hope this blog helped you spark your passion for beauty. If you’re still undecided on what you want to do, be sure to browse through our page for more beauty courses. With hard work and the right education from providers like Ulleo, you could be on your way to becoming one of the best. Plus, don't forget to share this article with your friends. You may find some of these jobs exciting and you might end up deciding to make it happen together. Good luck!

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