9 Cool Hobby Ideas for Mums Who are Creative

hobbies for creative moms

Mums carry huge responsibilities on their shoulders that’s why many of them suffer from stress and sleepless nights. If you’re a mum and you can totally relate to this, we highly recommend that you start a hobby that can help you deal with stress better.

Starting a new hobby can keep you from losing your sense of identity, rejuvenate you, help you express your creative side and more. That said, we’ve laid out ten great hobby suggestions that can help you enjoy and have a better perspective at life. Read on to learn more.

1. Photography

Going out for a walk and immersing yourself in photography has been a source of therapy for many, capturing the beauty of the moment. Whether you're armed with a high-end camera or just your smartphone, exploring various photography niches can be a deeply rewarding experience. You might find your calling in the serene practice of nature photography or the dynamic energy of capturing candid moments among people. 

To elevate your hobby to a professional realm, consider enhancing your skills and technical knowledge. Engaging in a wildlife photography course, in addition to obtaining a Cert 3 in Photography, can open up new perspectives and techniques, transforming how you see and capture the world around you.

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2. Carving Bones

Up to something unique? Carving bones is a good option. All you need is some sandpaper, baking soda, a towel, and some basic files to get started. It takes some time to finish but if you’re someone who loves to work with your hands, it’s worth it. You can use your finished carved bones as a keychain, pendant, or even home decor.

3. Learning a New Language

If you’re naturally linguistic, or if you’re interested in moving to a new country, learning a new language would also be beneficial for you. Not only is this a great way to spend your spare time but it can also open great opportunities in the future. For example, you can become an online tutor of a specific language or become a translator.

4. Do Makeup

If you’re into beauty, one thing you’d enjoy is exploring and doing different makeup styles. For starters, you can try the daytime or party look. Watch YouTube videos on what colour palettes to use and the best brands to consider. You can also study online makeup courses if you become interested in pursuing makeup as a career.

5. Origami Making

Some women say they find this hobby equivalent to knitting. Once you get the hang of origami and learn a few standard folds, you’ll be able to do it without batting an eyelash. A lot of people say that it is also very helpful during periods of stress. Plus, the more you do origami, the more original and complex your creations can become. Expressing your creativity in this hobby is also endless.

6. Nail Art

Another beauty-related hobby is doing nail art. It’s fun and creative, and if you have female children, they’ll enjoy this, too. Experiment with various colours and check out design inspirations online. Once you get more confident, you’ll be able to create your designs from scratch as well.

7. Dog Grooming

Love pets? Why not try dog grooming? You can start styling the hair of your pet. If you enjoyed it, let your friends know that you can groom their puppies too. You may even decide to turn this into a career.

8. Cosplay

Meanwhile, if you’re into dressing up and anime, you can also try doing cosplay. You will have a lot of fun ordering costumes, and designing and sewing different pieces together. Some mums attend conventions with their children, too. It’s a great way to feel free and to escape from your typical life of being a mum.

9. Dancing

If you loved dancing back in senior high, this activity might be for you. Trying out Just Dance or taking a dance class could be a good start. It can also be a great way for parents to let loose and express themselves. You can explore different dancing variations too, from hip-hop, to ballet, to belly dancing, there’s something for everyone. You just have to find what suits your personality better.

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These are just some of the many hobbies ideas for mums like you. What’s important is you choose what makes you happy and energised at the same time.

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All the best!

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