5 of the Best and Most Fun Careers for Animal Lovers (Like You!)

Image of a veterinarian and a dog owner smiling during a pet check-up in a veterinary clinic.

Are you a certified animal lover looking for a career where you can have fun working in the sought-after job markets in Australia with animals and pets? If so, you're in place! Read on as we reveal five of the best careers for animal lovers and pet parents in Australia. These careers offer good pay, plenty of growth opportunities, and fun working environments. Plus, we give you some bonus tips on starting a new career path for these fulfilling animal jobs. You're welcome!

The 5 best and most fun careers for animal lovers and pet parents in random order.

1. Veterinary Technician

Average Salary: Between $25,000 and $40,000 Per Year

Job Role: Work in veterinary clinics or animal hospitals to assist veterinarians in caring for sick or injured animals.

Veterinary Technicians perform veterinary medicine studies and procedures to determine a certain animal disease. They analyse the results to help the veterinarians diagnose a proper treatment. Their duties also include administrative tasks such as taking vital signs, giving vaccines, reporting findings of tests, and more.

Elevate your passion for animal care with our Vet Assistant Courses, providing you with the essential skills to support veterinarians as a veterinary technician. This role not only allows you to work hands-on with animals but also immerses you in the fascinating world of veterinary science, offering both a fulfilling and educational career path as a vet assistant.

What makes this job fun for animal lovers?

Aside from the opportunity to work with animals, you can also research contemporary veterinary medicine. It will enable you to discover various types of diseases and how to come up with better treatments. So if you're looking for a career that dives deeper into the world of animal science while having fun in the company of pets and animals, then joining the bandwagon of successful veterinary technicians in Australia is the right one for you!

2. Animal/ Pet Groomer

Average Salary: Between $20,000 and $30,000 Per Year

Job Role: Responsible for bathing, grooming, and ensuring proper hygiene for different animals, especially cats and dogs. They also perform creative and stylish haircuts for dogs that compete in dog shows or commercials.

When it comes to making sure the pets are looking their 100% best, animal or pet groomers are the experts! They are responsible for taking care of animals' appearance and well-being by bathing them, trimming their nails, and using quality and safe products to remove tangles, matted furs, and lice.

What makes this job fun for animal lovers?

If you once dreamt of being in Animal Planet's "Groomer Has It" show, or competed in any popular international canine shows in Australia, then surely a pet groomer career will provide you with the most rewarding experience. Of course, who would not agree that giving out four-legged fellas a fresh new look is utterly satisfying? You can start this exciting career journey by enrolling in pet grooming courses available at My Learning Online.

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3. Animal/Dog Trainer

Average Salary: Between $25,000 and $50,000 Per Year

Job Role: Animal Trainers, through Dog Psychology Courses, execute obedience training to correct behaviour, ensuring animals are well-balanced and safe around anyone. They build relationships with animals and their owners, educating pet owners on communication and discipline.

Being an animal or dog trainer is more than just teaching pets tricks. It's about building relationships with other animals and their owners too. Through conducting a series of training, they educate pet owners to communicate and establish discipline. Any pet owners need to ensure their canine companions are safe to be around anyone.

What makes this job fun for animal lovers?

If you aspire to help more people understand canine behaviour then a dog trainer job is the one for you. It will allow you to work with different animals and provide tailored exercises to work on their behaviour. And yes, we all agree that the best part of that role is the opportunity to bond with them, yes?

Lastly, after completing Animal Behaviour Courses focused on animal psychology, you will have the opportunity to work with pet owners, hear their stories, and use your expertise to educate them about animal behavior. This knowledge will enable you to advise them on how they can better understand their pets, and how to keep them happy and well-balanced. By enrolling in our animal training courses, you'll gain additional insights and techniques to enhance your ability to effectively communicate and implement strategies that benefit both pets and their owners.

4. Zoo Worker/ Zookeeper

Average Salary: Between $30,000 and $50,000 Per Year

Job Role: Zoo workers or zookeepers, armed with a Certificate in Zoology, work in zoos, nature parks, wildlife sanctuaries, or wildlife reserves to help a zoologist and wildlife veterinarians ensure the health, safety, and well-being of both free and captured wild animals. Additionally, when you study Zoology Courses and Reptile Courses, will offer comprehensive learning for those interested in deepening their understanding of animal behavior, conservation, and care outside traditional settings, enhancing their qualifications and expertise in the field.

They provide wild animals with their daily needs such as food, water, and medication to ensure their happiness, health, welfare, and well-being. They also assist veterinarians in performing lab tests, providing therapies or treatment to diseased animals, and monitoring their recovery from time to time.

Pursuing Marine Studies online enriches zoo workers' and zookeepers' expertise, offering them deeper insights into aquatic wildlife, which complements their hands-on experience with a broad range of animals and enhances their ability to contribute to conservation education and animal welfare efforts.

Lastly, their job also includes working with animal trainers to ensure the animals are safe to interact with strangers, especially in petting zoos; performing tricks for entertainment, and educating visitors about exotic animals and their history, natural habitats, and behaviour.

Zoo workers often complement their expertise with a Wildlife Photography Course, enabling them to capture and share the unique stories of the animals they care for, thereby contributing to conservation awareness.

What makes this job fun for animal lovers?

The best part about being a zookeeper or zoo worker is that you get to spend all day long bonding with different animal species, understanding their personalities and needs, and giving importance to keeping them from going extinct. If you want to contribute to preserving wildlife and educating people about them, then a career in the zoo will surely entice you!

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5. Pet Sitter

Average Salary: Between $20,000 and $40,000 Per Year

Job Role: A pet sitter's role is to watch over and provide care, exercise, and medicine (if needed) to pets while their owners are away.

To busy pet owners, pet sitters are lifesavers. They are gentle and kind-hearted animal caretakers who ensure the pet's health and well-being while their owners are away. Usually, they follow certain care instructions from the owners or kennel attendants when it comes to food and medication. However, due to their innate care instincts and being natural animal lovers, they mostly go above and beyond to make sure the pets will return to their owners happy, safe, and healthy.

Some animal caretakers or 'nannies' also work in animal sanctuaries or pet adoption facilities to collaborate with pet adoption counsellors, animal rescue workers, or kennel attendants, to provide foster care to rescued animals.

What makes this job fun for animal lovers?

Aside from earning extra pay from taking care of their neighbour or client's pets, they also have the opportunity to bond with different pets and do fun activities with them, which don't always happen in their household. Those activities include taking the dogs for a walk, giving them puppuccinos, keeping them company during their monthly vet visits or grooming sessions, and more. So if you're looking for a career that allows you to work with different pets one at a time and without going too far from your location, then you'll enjoy a pet sitter career! Moreover, for those interested in enhancing their pet care skills, enrolling in Dog Training Courses can provide valuable insights and techniques for managing and training dogs more effectively, making the role of a pet sitter even more rewarding and professional.

5 Quick Tips to Increase Your Hiring Chances in the Animal Care Industry

Do Volunteer Work

If you're looking for a new career-related experience to include in your CV and increase your hiring chances for your ideal animal care job, then you should consider checking volunteer opportunities in your community. Some community work involves rescuing animals or caring for animals in shelters or sanctuaries; they will not only provide you with professional experience but will give you hands-on practice to give you the skills you need.

Grow Your Connections

Don't you know that you can find potential career opportunities or recommendations from your pet's favourite places such as the dog park or pet store? While taking your four-legged friend for a walk or a treat, seize the opportunity to meet and connect with new people who might be working in your target organisation. They may be able to recommend a job vacancy or endorse you to a hiring specialist to help you land your dream job. 

Reaching out to your family members, relatives, friends or acquaintances can help you expand your connection, as well. So don't hesitate to get out, because the opportunity is likely to be out there.

Update & Tailor Your CV

How often should you update your CV? At least 2 to 3 times a year, depending on your experience. If you're new in the animal care industry or shifting from an entirely different job, then you may need to revamp your whole CV. 

You can start editing it by removing the irrelevant skills and experiences, then replace them with the new ones you have acquired from doing volunteer work or earning a certificate. When all the necessary contact information, skills, work history, and certifications are placed, proofread your CV to double-check for misspellings and grammar errors.

Here's a bonus: Power up your CV with an attention-grabbing cover letter. It should include your contact information, mention the job you're applying for and a strong opening statement. Hiring experts recommend starting with expressing your interest in the role, and then following up with presenting how your skills, years of experience, and passion will make you the best candidate for the role. Here's an example:

To Hiring Manager,

Good day! Hope this letter reaches you in good health and safety. My name is ____________, and I'm interested in working as an animal welfare support officer in your organisation. I strongly believe that my 8 years of experience and expertise working in animal rescue groups and humane societies will contribute to the company's vision and mission to further prevent animal cruelty through education. I can use my skills in basic veterinary science, animal welfare, and animal behaviour to help educate the community about the responsibilities of caring for domesticated animals, how they can help reduce the strays in the country through volunteering in animal rescue jobs, and how they can treat animals with care and train them to become wonderful companion animals...

Hiring managers only have less than 10 seconds to read your cover letter, so make sure it's concise and attention-worthy. 

Take Online Courses

Finally, if you want to give your hiring chance a boost, consider taking up an online Animal Care Course or exploring our Farm Management Courses,  and earning a certificate through The Learning Group. Hundreds of online providers and universities offer nationally-recognised and industry-approved courses, but The Learning Group’s certifications are highly accepted by companies across the country. For a wide selection of specialised courses that could further enhance your qualifications, check out courses4me, where you can find additional resources to strengthen your career prospects in animal care.

Taking Livestock Courses can significantly enhance your understanding and skills in livestock management, preparing you for diverse opportunities in the animal care industry, from specialised veterinary roles to innovative animal training techniques. Moreover, it covers essential aspects of farm management, ensuring you have the comprehensive skills needed to effectively run your livestock operations.

Do any of these animal careers trick your interest? Or do you know someone who needs to follow their passion for caring for animals as you do? Then feel free to share this article or look at our available Animal Care Courses to help you get started. If wildlife conservation specifically interests you, consider exploring our dedicated wildlife courses for a more focused career path. Good luck!