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Generally, a beauty therapist specialises on face and body care. This career focuses on providing non-medical treatments and services for relaxation, aesthetic, grooming and pampering purposes. Some of these services include body massage, makeup, hair styling, waxing, facial cleaning, manicure, pedicure, foot massage, and the list goes on.

The working hours of a beauty therapist usually depend on their workplace. If you’re a full-time staff in a hotel, a spa or a salon, you’ll most likely be required to render about eight hours per day. Meanwhile, you can work in your own beauty salon while managing your own time, or you can work as a freelancer for a more flexible schedule. Usually, the latter’s working hours depend on the number of clients they cater to per day.

If you’re interested to learn more about what the role of a beauty therapist entails, then stay with us as we’ve got more interesting facts to share with you below. We’ve included the day-to-day tasks of beauty therapists and their salaries, and the skills and qualifications you must acquire to easily land this role.

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Job Responsibilities of a Beauty Therapist

  • Sets client appointments, keeps client records and sometimes handles financial transactions
  • Advises clients on what treatment to avail based on their skin type
  • Performs body or foot massage, including reflexology, spa therapy, and aromatherapy
  • Conducts facial treatments, whitening treatments and machine-related slimming treatments
  • Removes body or facial hair through threading, waxing or laser machines
  • Removes facial or body hair through waxing or electrolysis
  • Conducts eyebrow or eyelash treatments such as eyelash extensions, eyebrow embroidery, etc.
  • Applies make-up and does the hairstyle of clients
  • Takes care of the nails of clients through manicure, nail art, and pedicure sessions
  • Sells skincare and related products
  • Gives advice on which products to purchase based on the client’s needs
  • Some beauty therapists also serve as salon managers who supervise the staff and oversee the overall business operations

Additionally, some beauty therapists expand their skill set by engaging in complementary disciplines, such as Art Therapy Courses online, which can enhance their ability to offer holistic wellness and relaxation services.

Disclaimer: Although beauty therapists provide skincare and body treatment advice, they are not allowed to diagnose any form of disease, and/or prescribe medicines to clients. Only dermatologists and medical professionals are allowed to do such.

Qualifications and/or Skills Required

People from all walks of life entrust their skin, face, and well-being on beauty therapists. This is why proper training related to cosmetic chemistry, skin biology, aromatic massage, makeup, grooming, anatomy, beauty therapy treatments, and more is vital for this role.

A college degree is not essential to land this career, but having a Certificate in Beauty Therapy and Makeup from Bela Beauty College can be extremely beneficial, especially if you’re planning on working for a popular salon or if you want to gain high-end clients as a freelancer. Additionally, taking specialised Makeup courses can further enhance your skills and knowledge, making you even more attractive to potential clients and employers.

Additionally, taking specialised Makeup Artistry Courses can further enhance your skills and knowledge, making you even more attractive to potential clients and employers. At the same time, learning never stops for beauty therapists. As technology evolves, the machines that salons use for beauty treatments also need an upgrade. Therefore, having the willingness to continuously be trained in order to adapt to the advancements is essential.

If you have zero experience in this field, explore your study options before taking the leap.

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As per PayScale Australia, the average annual salary of a beauty therapist ranges from AU$39,083 to AU$58,277. But the truth is, some of them actually earn twice or even thrice than that especially those who work in a salon during weekdays and then focus on their side-hustles during weekends.

The earnings are endless for this role. You just really have to work hard, keep the quality of your services, and build a good clientele.

How To Land This Role

Anyone can actually apply for this role as long as you’re passionate about making people feel good about themselves. Although, some companies prefer to hire people who’ve already undergone a series of training related to beauty therapy or those who’ve already acquired a Beauty Therapy Qualification from a beauty school. For those with little to zero knowledge about the job, enrolling in Beauty Courses online can be a strategic step to gain the necessary qualifications and skills.

The best tip we could give is to prepare and equip yourself first before submitting your resume so you’ll know the right answers during the interview and so you won’t have to start from scratch.

Beauty therapists are flexible, caring, gentle, and dynamic people who have strong interpersonal skills. They work closely with various types of people, which is why they have developed beneficial virtues such as patience and understanding for others. If you think this role would suit you, then prepare as early as now for the duties mentioned above, including enhancing your skills with professional spray tan training onlineEyebrow Courses, and a Nail Art Course.

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