Top 5 Beauty Trends in Australia

beauty trends australia

Trends in beauty are always thriving fast even in Australia. That’s why different sorts of career emerge from this industry, providing promising careers to those who take interest. However, in order to work in the beauty industry in Australia, you need to be well qualified, and beauty therapy courses are a great way to receive necessary knowledge and training. These days, you can even study beauty therapy online, so getting into your chosen career will be easy.

Most of these exciting trends require beauty therapy courses in order to master skills, and turn it into a good-paying business. Sounds interesting, right? Don’t worry, if you think these beauty-trend courses will take forever to learn, then you only have more or less 200-hours to acquire a certification. Plus, each has a flexible payment plan, so you can enroll anytime and anywhere. Shall we proceed to the list?

1. Eyelash Extensions

Big, beautiful eyes are a beauty standard that isn’t going anywhere. Recently, eyelash extensions have gone from a niche practice to an essential part of people’s daily grooming routines. However, it is a treatment that requires a qualified professional who can eyelash hairs effectively and comfortably. This is where profession and certification plays an important part to gain trust value from potential clients. If you’ve been doing your lashes for a long time and thinking of making a living from it, Get Course encourages you to consider an Advanced Certificate in Eyelash Extensions.

There are a lot of incredible and beautiful career destinations that careers in beauty therapy can take you to. With this, you can build your own lash lab, or work with prominent people in the film and television industry. Indeed, a dream job for people who are passionate about lashes and a glamorous career!

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2. Marble Nails

According to Pinterest, marble nails and nail art are the top trends in Australia for the past few years, with searches up to 31%. This means that there’s never a day that people do not stop by the salon and have their nails done by a nail professional. Credible and high-paying marble nail artists take Advanced Certificate in Nails to advance their skills and approach in nail art. So, if you dream of making people feel happy and unique with cool nail arts, you should consider taking a certification, as well.

As for the course, it encapsulates the basics such as cleaning, grooming, shaping, designing, and maintenance. The nail industry is set to grow further as more people consider this as part of their daily lives, whether it be a regular day or a luxurious event.

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3. Indigenous Plant-Based Ingredients

As we become more conscious and aware of our environment than our grooming routine, people within the beauty industry have started to make an effort in creating organic and eco-friendly products. This includes replacing harmful ingredients with organic ones that are safe for both human and environment. Beauty and nature advocates keep this trend flying high, and more it’s expected to become more popular in the years to come.

Don’t be torn between saving your skin or saving mother Earth, because you can actually do both. If you take interest in this trend, you can begin your first step when you study beauty therapy online. Luckily, due to Australia’s unique ecology, there is great potential to work with natural ingredients. Our Beauty Therapy courses will give you the knowledge and training you need to offer a holistic approach to wellness in your work.

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4. Tailored Skincare Products

There’s no doubt that Australia has a growing appetite for beauty products. Research from Mordor Intelligence shows that the market revenue within the cosmetics product market has grown steadily every year, and shows no signs of slowing. Meaning, the time is ripe for anyone to comprehend the way a cosmetic business works.

Hence, if you plan to put up your own beauty business, studying a Diploma of Business Administration will provide you a better understanding on how a skincare company works from the inside, and perhaps launch your own approach.

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5. Aromatherapy Products

In continuation of the trend we see for natural products, many people are rediscovering the benefits of aromatherapy. From providing relaxation to making our skin look healthy and glowy, Aromatherapy is sure a gift to make you look and feel new again. If you’re an avid fan of this beauty trend, you can put up your own spa business and make more people feel good. Nonetheless, in order to learn the ropes a Certificate in Aromatherapy is encouraged to study the proper use of certain therapeutic products and oils for treatment.

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What do you think of these beauty trends? We are as excited and thrilled as you are! When you study Get Course’s beauty therapy courses online, you will gain the opportunity to upgrade your beauty-related skills, be more up-to-date with the latest trends, and earn an impressive profit from your future business!