Top Online Courses to Study if You Love Animals

Illustration of various people interacting joyfully with different pets in a playful and lively setting. The scene includes dogs, cats, and a rabbit, highlighting activities such as feeding, playing, and petting, encapsulating a cheerful environment for animal lovers.

Working with animals is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. If you’ve had a passion for our four-legged friends since most of them were bigger than you, you’ll understand that the bond people have with their pets is huge. Working with animals is not only fulfilling, it can also offer flexible career paths and a great work-life balance.

If your calling is to work in a job with pets, you do need to work towards a proper qualification and study online Animal Courses that will give you the skills you need. There's never been a better time to get started in this industry, as the animal care industry in Australia has been predicted by the government to be set for strong growth over the next few years, with a growing demand for all kinds of specialisms, from exotic animal handling to animal psychologists and of course Veterinarians. 

For those keen on diving into the world of animal photography or simply enhancing their understanding of animals through visual representation, exploring photography courses in Australia can be a beneficial addition. These courses provide insights into capturing the essence of animals, ensuring their natural behaviour and beauty are highlighted in every shot. Obtaining a Certificate 3 in Photography can further validate your skills and knowledge in this niche area.

Luckily, you can now Study Animal Courses Online, which gives you a huge choice of options to further your knowledge in a career that you love.

Take a look below at just a small selection of the Animal Courses you could study with us to get you started on the road to a dream job working with animals.

Dog Psychology & Training Certificate

If four-legged friends are your favourite type of animals to work with, then studying canine behaviour and psychology could pave the way to a career working with these beautiful, loyal animals. By enrolling in comprehensive Dog Training Courses and Dog Psychology Courses, all the foundations of dog training techniques will be explored, ensuring that whether you aim to run a doggy daycare, train working dogs, or set up as a dog behaviour specialist, you’ll acquire all the skills you need. Sign up now, and a career path working with dogs could be right on course.


Animal Grooming Certificate

Another career path working with dogs could be working towards opening your parlor or mobile dog grooming business. By undertaking dog grooming courses and completing an Animal Grooming Certificate, you'll not only master canine styling but also learn how to care for a variety of other animals, including exotics and show animals – a skill set that is sure to put your grooming business in first place every time.

Certificate in Bird Care

If feathered friends are the ones that make your heart sing, then studying for a Certificate in Bird Care can wing you on your way to a career you’ll love.

In a course designed by leading industry experts, you’ll learn everything from housing birds to their feeding and nutritional needs, their behaviour and biology, breeding, managing their health, and how to make a sustainable career in the avian healthcare industry. There’s no better setup for a career working closely with birds.

Certificate in Carnivore Zoology

Of course, it’s not all about domestic pets; some careers in the field can also entail working with large animals. If you love big cats, bears, and even large aquatic carnivores like sharks, this course will immerse you in all aspects of apex predator life. As a budding zoologist, you'll delve into their health, behaviour, reproduction, and nutrition. You'll have the chance to study these fascinating creatures through a zoology certificate from zoology courses online and cover all the practical aspects of their care, such as enclosure design and maintenance, and operating safely around these potentially dangerous animals.

This course can lead you into a career working with large predators in a zoo setting or the wild, enabling you to fulfill a lifelong dream before you know it.


Certificate In Wildlife Veterinary Assistance

Passionate about preserving animals out in their natural habitat? This qualification, which includes wildlife courses and a wildlife photography course, will give you all the theoretical knowledge you need to practice wildlife care. From assisting with recovery programs for protected species to conservation of the environment, and animal behaviour and first aid programs, including elements such as marine studies online. There are so many exciting careers open to you when you complete this qualification.


Whatever your ambitions to develop a career working with animal. The Learning Group has a course to get you there, including our comprehensive Farm Management Courses.

For those keen on animal welfare and pursuing a fulfilling career, our vet assistant courses online offer an extensive pathway. This course equips you with crucial skills for animal care, from assisting with recovery programs for protected species to comprehending animal behaviour and first aid. Perfect for anyone looking to impact positively on animal health and welfare

For animal lovers eager to delve into reptile care, adding reptile courses to your learning path enriches your expertise, especially if your interest spans beyond traditional pet care to include these fascinating creatures. 

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