How Much Do Eyelash Technicians Make?

eyelash technician salary

Ultimately, an eyelash technician is responsible for the installation of temporary and semi-permanent hybrid eyelash extensions for customers. At the same time, they also know how to remove eyelash extensions and advise proper maintenance or aftercare. You’ll normally find them in aesthetic salons, working mostly on a shifting schedule.

Eyelash technicians also perform other tasks depending on the nature of the business they’re working for. For those who work in hair and nail grooming salons, they also do manicures, pedicures, nail art, hair waxing, laser hair removal, and threading among others. Meanwhile, those who work in spas also know how to perform massage therapy.

If you’re interested to learning more about being an eyelash technician, keep reading as we’ve outlined all the details in this blog post for you. We’ve itemised a huge chunk of their daily tasks, their salaries, and their required skills and qualifications just in case you want to learn how to apply eyelash extensions and/or to pursue this career.

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Ready for the specifics? Here we go.

Job Responsibilities of an Eyelash Technician

  • Advise clients on what type of hybrid eyelash extensions (mink, silk or synthetic) to use based on the length of their natural eyelashes and their desired length
  • Installs temporary and semi-permanent eyelash extensions
  • Disinfect, sanitise and maintains aesthetic tools and equipment necessary to perform the services with excellence
  • Sets client appointments and does a bit of admin work if necessary
  • Handles client enquiries, questions, and complaints effectively
  • Applies manicure, pedicure, and nail art if the business requires
  • Performs facial, eyebrow, or body hair waxing, threading or laser treatments if the business requires
  • Applies make-up to clients if the business requires
  • Sells maintenance and aftercare products if the business offers them
  • Recommends other cosmetic services depending on the needs of the client/s

Qualifications and/or Skills Required

This role doesn’t specifically require a college degree. However, since installing hybrid eyelash extensions is highly technical, it requires a series of training and certifications. Businesses can’t just entrust the eyes of their customers to anyone, of course.

Some of the basic things you need to learn includes how to map lashes, how to apply and remove different types of temporary and semi-permanent lashes, and how to refill them. Aftercare treatment or proper maintenance must also be learned.

Most eyelash training also involves studying eyelash growth cycles, eye shapes, patch testing, allergies, and eye conditions. Other than the technical side of the role, you’ll also need good interpersonal skills, exemplary work ethics, good hygiene and genuine concern for people to ace this role.

Our eyelash technician course online, for example, also provides incentive classes about handling eyelash consultations, adhesives, eyelash salon setup and effective marketing strategies for a beauty business. All of these can help you start and grow your own eyelash business and/or become one of the best eyelash technicians in the industry.

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According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary of an eyelash technician is US$42,417 or AU$59,515 per year. This figure is debatable though as the payment schemes of employers in the beauty industry vary. Some employers give a fixed rate per hour, while the others provide wages depending on the number of clients that the eyelash technician accommodates per day. Some provide both fixed rates and sales incentives.

But the good thing is, just like other beauty-related jobs, your earning potential with a role like this is unlimited if you work as a freelancer or if you’ll do this as a side job.

How To Land This Role

Although there are employers who hire people with zero to little knowledge about the role, most business owners prefer to hire someone who has at least taken a series of technical training related to beauty and eyelash application. This way, they are able to save on time and expense on equipping the employee, and start their operations as soon as possible.

If you’re really eyeing off this position, the best thing to do is to equip yourself by studying an eyelash technician course online as early as now. After that, you can start practicing and building a portfolio by installing eyelash extensions on your friends or family members.

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You can work as an eyelash technician in a full-time setting or as a side hustle. Either way, if beauty is your jam, you’ll definitely find this job fulfilling especially when you see the ear to ear smiles of your clients after you treat them.

Also, if you’re interested to study our eyelash technician course online or if you have questions about the course modules, please feel free to reach out to us by clicking any of the orange buttons in this article and making an enquiry from our course page.

From there, a course advisor will reach out to you to give you more info and help you get started on your journey.

Finally, we hope this article has motivated you to take a leap of faith and pursue that career as an eyelash technician you’ve been thinking about.

Thanks for reading!

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