Become A Landscaper Without Studying A Degree

Image of a gardener trimming a tall, stylized topiary that resembles a vertical stack of three green spheres. The gardener, wearing a green cap, glasses, and overalls, is focused on his task with large scissors in hand.

For someone who enjoys getting their hands dirty at work, loves dealing with plants, and beautifying outdoor spaces – choosing a fulfilling career shouldn’t be that hard. Did you know that there are almost 2500+ available Landscaping jobs in alone? Read on to learn how to jump-start a successful career as a landscaper in Australia without years of studying for a degree.

First things first, what does a Landscaper actually do?

Responsibilities of a Landscaper

According to Payscale Australia, here are the most common tasks and responsibilities of a professional Landscaper:

  • Operate ground maintenance equipment including lawn mowers, trimmers and edgers.
  • Apply fertilizer and pesticides to landscape areas.
  • Prunes trees and shrubs.
  • Monitor and activate irrigation systems.
  • Plant, maintain, and repair new landscape areas.

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Where Can I Work as a Qualified Landscaper?

Maybe now you’re thinking… where are you going to fit in the industry?

Lucky for you, there is a vast pool of career opportunities in the Landscaping field that you are yet to discover. We have listed down for you a few good examples:

#1: You can work in Retail Garden Centers

Landscape designers are often hired as staff to share their knowledge of design, cultivation, plants and planting to curious customers, and may even offer individualized landscape design services.

#2: Wholesale Greenhouses or Nurseries

Landscape designers can be involved in plant selection, designing plans for planting, cultivating inventory, purchasing, or sales.

#3: Interiorscape Companies

Malls, retail stores, restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals, and homeowners rely on landscape designers to create interior plants capes, gardens, and courtyards.

#4: Clubs and Resorts

Professionals with knowledge of grasses and plants—and their regular maintenance—keep golf courses and other outdoor grounds up to par for resorts, country clubs, and hotels.

#5 Private Clients

Being a qualified Landscaper in Australia will also land you jobs for private clients to build, design, and maintain private owned lands. You can even start your own Landscaping business and be your own boss.

Just like any other career, work experience is a big factor in the salary of Landscapers, especially due to the level of skill mastery needed to get the job done. If you are passionate about gardening and have been wanting to begin a career in Landscaping for a while now, the best advice we can give is this: studying is where it all starts. By enrolling in Landscaping Courses through My Learning Online, you’ll learn all the skills you need, gain mastery and adeptness to make yourself more appealing to employers, and as a result, allow you to get started in a brand-new career that you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Maybe you can even start your own Landscaping business in the future. Who knows!

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