Is AAT Recognised in Australia for the Accounting Industry

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AAT stands for the Association of Accounting Technicians. It was first formed in the United Kingdom in 1980 to provide quality, standardised educational qualifications for people across the accounting industry.

It’s since grown into a large international organisation with more than 140,000 members from a variety of countries, including Australia. In this article, we’ll answer some of the common questions about the relevance of AAT for accountants in the land down under.

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Is AAT Recognised In Australia?


The AAT was established in Australia in 2002. Three professional accounting bodies support it: 1) The Institute of Public Accountants, 2) The Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and 3) CPA Australia. These professional bodies have more than 3,800 members and recognised students who obtain AAT qualifications in the field of accountancy through accredited courses.

The AAT is now a full-fledged international organisation that caters to a variety of markets. It’s also highly local with offices around the world, including here in Australia. The AAT headquarters in Melbourne liaises with other representatives across corporate offices worldwide.

The AAT’s commitment to professionalism and high standards of excellence was recognised by Australia’s leading accounting associations in the early 2000s. The organisation is dedicated to training, the continuing development of existing professionals in the accounting space, and bookkeeping accreditation. It’s also concerned about the specific job market needs of accounting technicians: people with diplomas equivalent to that of a first-year degree. The job market, as the AAT sees it, continues to evolve, and the association intends to be there to support this particular group of accounting professionals as they adapt to changing conditions.

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Does the Tax Practitioners Board Recognise AAT?


AAT was one of the first professional bodies that have been officially recognised by the Tax Practitioners Board. The TPB in Australia recognises the qualifications of people with AAT training. AAT-certified tax advisers, BAS agents, and tax agents can all work legally in Australia with AAT qualifications.

Why Do So Many People Choose the AAT Qualification?

An AAT accounting qualification isn’t just attractive on your CV, it’s essential for anybody who wants a successful and lucrative career in accounting. Here are some other reasons why many prefer to have an AAT qualification.

a. It can help you become a chartered accountant.

Accounting organisations and companies around the world highly respect AAT qualifications. The AAT accreditation, therefore, is a great stepping stone to becoming fully chartered.

b. You gain the qualification that employers want.

Employers increasingly want candidates to have industry-specific, professional qualifications. AAT qualifications are precisely the type of training that firms want their employees to have.

The AAT has built a reputation all over the world for excellence. Therefore, having this qualification indicates that you have a high level of work-readiness and that you’re able to hop right into a role without requiring extra management or hand-holding.

c. Earning the qualification can make a career break more meaningful.

Not only are AAT qualifications desirable, but they’re also surprisingly easy to obtain. You can complete some AAT qualifications during a career break, such as a sabbatical or pregnancy, giving you more options when you decide to return to the job market.

d. It opens more career opportunities.

If you feel that your career has reached a bit of a dead-end and progress has come to a halt, AAT training could be just the ticket you need. You can retrain at any age with AAT and give your career a new lease of life, even if you’re approaching retirement.

Once you’ve completed an AAT qualification, it’ll be easier for you to choose your path. You can either start work right away, go to university, train to become a chartered accountant or start your own business.

e. You get connected with a network of top-grade accountants.

Once you become a member of the AAT, you’ll be a part of a network of top-performing accountants, all dedicated to helping each other. The AAT aims to create a productive referral network that will support Australian businesses.

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