Home-based Jobs That Can Pay Over $100K Per Year

A good-paying career isn’t only found in the corporate setting. In fact, there’s a long list of home-based jobs that allows you to earn over $100K (which is more than what many office people earn).

If you’re a mum who has kids to attend to, a guy who loves your bed so much, or someone who doesn’t like spending your 9-5 in the office but want to succeed in life, this article is right-on for you. We’ve listed some of the highest-paying home-based jobs just below. Plus, we’ve also added a Pinfographic so you can save this blog on Pinterest for reference.

We hope that upon reading this, you’ll be able to find a career that pays well and allows you to spend more time with your family and friends at the same time. Ready?

Note: The figures indicated below are general salary ranges from Payscale Australia.

1. English Tutor of Foreigners

Individuals from various age groups across the globe are in need of English tutors that can help them use the language properly. The most common of them include Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean elementary and high school students. Usually, tutors are paid on an hourly basis but you can earn as much as AU$113,113 by working full-time.

Since you’re located miles away from your students, you’ll teach them via Skype, zoom or another video chatting platform. However, if you’re not confident with your capacity to teach, we suggest that you take an English language course and acquire a certificate. You can enquire through the button below if you’re interested in this course.

Annual Salary Range: AU$50,212 – AU$113,113

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2. Technical Writer

As skilled wordsmiths, technical writers create content for product manuals, website pages, and journals. They also write how-to articles and subject-specific, highly technical content such as IT manuals, finance write-ups, science-related reviews, and more.

If you’re someone who loves researching, reading, and is good at converting highly technical information into easy-to-understand content, then this high-paying role is for you. You can check for home-based positions on job directories or post ads on freelance writing websites to get started.

Annual Salary Range: AU$49,470 – AU$133,362

3. Transcriber

Are you a good listener? If you are, then you can surely rock this role. Transcribers, or transcriptionists, listen to recordings for long hours and verbatim write the conversations or lectures they’ve listened to on a document. This role is crucial as they have to ensure the accuracy of the transcriptions and their correct spelling, especially the jargons.

You can find this kind of role on platforms for freelancers such as OzLance, Upwork, Adzuna and Work Home Life.

Annual Salary Range: AU$42,485 – AU$105,505

4. Quality Assurance Specialist

As IT professionals who only need their laptops and technical skills to function, QA Specialists can also work from home. Their main role is to formulate and execute test plans and test cases for various projects to comply with the quality assurance procedures, standards and policies of a company’s IT department. They also conduct troubleshoots and consultations to resolve issues or remove bugs found from the tests.

If you’ve got a degree in information technology, this role could be your perfect match. Otherwise, you can acquire a diploma or an associate degree in information technology to be more competent for the role. Kindly check our online IT courses for more information.

Annual Salary Range: AU$51,026 – AU$106,980

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5. Account Manager

If you’ve got impressive administrative and communication skills, you’re certainly qualified for this role. An account manager serves as the point of contact of the company and its clients. They cater to client enquiries, requests, complaints and other concerns.

They also work with employees to convey deadlines and client requirements as well as to ensure that the quality of work they deliver is of great calibre.

You can apply for this role on job listings and other home-based job websites.

Annual Salary Range: AU$49,031 – AU$100,436

These are just a few of the best home-based jobs that you can venture into. Please note though that the rates vary depending on the employer, the industry you’ll work for, the scope of work, and the hours you need to render.

If you want to earn as much as $100K per year, we recommend that you apply for a full-time home-based role and/or take multiple freelance projects to achieve your ideal salary.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested to take one of our language courses or any of our IT courses online, please don’t hesitate to send us an enquiry by hitting the button below. Best of luck!