Gym-Free Weight Management Tips

Illustration featuring a thoughtful woman with dark hair tied up, contemplating her food choices represented by floating images of junk food like burgers, fries, and donuts, juxtaposed with healthy options like fruits, vegetables, and yogurt, highlighting a dietary decision-making scenario.

As a result of the current global pandemic and the social distancing precautions that have followed, the challenges of staying indoors are beginning to have a toll on many people. A key challenge is being able to manage our weight and stay healthy. Many people relied on gym facilities and sports centers to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle. These facilities are mostly closed so what happens now?

What are the alternative weight management options that do not require regular attendance of a gym or workout class? Below, let’s discuss the top tips on managing your weight.

Top Tips On Managing Your Weight Without The Gym

1. Exercise

We can never exaggerate the role that exercise plays when it comes to weight management. And the great thing is, with a little bit of creativity, you can set up your own exercise routines right in the comfort of your home. Being at home shouldn’t mean that you cannot stay active as there are a multitude of exercises such as aerobic exercises that you can do to get the right result.

If you have no idea how or where to begin, there are countless options available online. These include online tutorials as well as specific online weight management courses.

That’s right; you can study courses online and reap the additional benefits such courses come with. And we will touch on that pretty shortly.

There are different kinds of ways to incorporate cardio or aerobics into your daily life without needing to visit a gym. A few exercises you can try at home are skipping, walking, jogging, and even swimming (if you have a pool).

2. Study Weight Management Courses Online

Weight management requires time, effort, commitment, and enough insight into how to do it right. It involves more than just burning calories and comes with a holistic approach that covers your physical, psychological, and even emotional well-being.

This holistic package is just what we offer with our online Weight Management Courses. You will be able to better plan your weight management journey to suit your individual needs. Better still, you can turn it into a career as many of our courses are accredited. The great news is that you can study weight management courses online from the comfort of your home. But aside from the benefits to your health, online weight management courses come with extra benefits.

For example, courses like the Diploma of Weight Management and Certificate IV in Weight Management have been designed to make you a weight management specialist and open several doors for different careers in weight management. You will be able to set up your online coaching service and render individual-tailored help to others. You can make further inquiries into how to get enrolled in any of the weight management courses available online.

3. Diet

One of the great things you will learn from the Weight Management Course online is the role diet plays in weight management and how to use it to your advantage. Don’t get it wrong; you do not need to starve yourself or go on diet plans that will leave you unsatisfied and hungry. These are some of the main reasons why most people cannot stick to diets.

When planning a weight management diet, focus on your calorie intake. Low carbohydrate diets, for example, play a huge role in preventing the build-up of unhealthy fat. Plus, they are less difficult to stick to. Cut back on carbs, starch, and sugars. Aside from the fact that this will reduce your calorie intake, it will also ensure that your hunger levels will drop.

Cutting down on carbohydrates and sugar will also help to lower levels of insulin and ensure that your kidneys shed excess water and sodium. This goes a long way in minimising bloating and unhealthy weight caused by water storage.

In place of carbs and sugars, add more protein, vegetables, and fruits to your diet. High-protein diets are very filling. This means that those food cravings will be significantly reduced, if not eliminated. This also means that you will tend to eat much less.

Fruits and vegetables are packed with all the essential nutrients your body needs. Make them a generous part of your weight management diet.

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4. Cut Back On Alcohol

The desire to grab an alcoholic drink is higher during these self-quarantine times. So, do your best to avoid stocking up on alcoholic beverages. Instead, replace your drinks with water and many other healthy alternatives.

Most people do not pay attention to beverages and wine when planning a weight management regime. But carbonated drinks, as well as tea and coffee, also add up to our body's calorie count when taken often. Alcohol, especially, plays a role in increasing appetite. So, the more you consume, the more you tend to eat.

Replacing such drinks with water means that we can avoid a considerable number of calories. To make it easier to achieve this, make sure you always have a reusable water bottle with you at all times and limit the fizzy drinks. It may be quite difficult to achieve at first, but you’ll get used to it quickly.

With our Weight Loss Courses, part of our Wellbeing Courses, you will gain a detailed understanding of how unhealthy habits such as excessive alcohol impact your weight management efforts. Learn for your health benefit, then use that knowledge to maximise your earning potential. This diploma also teaches you how to establish and maintain client relationships when running a weight management programme or business.

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