Turn Your Songwriting Skills Into A Money Making Business Heres How

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Bernie Taupin is a name you might not recognise straight away. In fact, it’s only thanks to the 2019 film Rocketman that you might have heard of him at all. Taupin is the long-time songwriting partner of Elton John. He is responsible for writing the words to some of John’s most famous songs, including Candle in the Wind, Your Song, and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me. With an estimated fortune of $150 million and world-class songwriting skills, it’s no question that his talent is the cherry-on-top to Elton’s success.

So what’s the moral of the story here? If you’ve got the talent, singing and songwriting could be a great money earner for you. However, managing your finances and understanding the business side is equally crucial. This is where Accounting Online Courses can be beneficial, providing you with the necessary knowledge to handle your earnings and investments. Singer-songwriters are popular within the entertainment industry and could see you working in music, film, theatre, and more.

Want to turn your songwriting skills into a money-making business? Here are some of the ways you can make it happen.

Start performing

If you want to start getting noticed and start earning from your talent, performing could be the place to start. By performing the music you’ve written, you get paid for gigs as part of your local music scene. Open mic nights are a great place to build your confidence and start meeting some others in the industry.

Become a songwriter for hire

There are many people out there looking for songwriters for hire. Businesses across various industries require music for different projects, and you could hire out your services for this. While you’ll only get paid a one-off fee and likely sign over any royalties from your work, it can be a good way to make some money freelance – especially if you start to get regular work from clients.

Write jingles

Many songwriters make great money coming up with jingles for commercial radio, TV adverts, etc. If you can come up with a snappy jingle that sells, you could be onto a winning money-maker.

Get into composing for TV and movies

Composing for TV and movies provides longer-term work. You could find yourself writing scores, theme music and songs that help enhance what’s happening on screen and connect with the audience. It’s a great way to flex your skills and could introduce your talents to people across the industry too.

Focus on lyrics

Some people have a talent for composing, others have a talent for lyrics and some lucky people have both! If your skills fall on the side of lyrics, you could put your skills to good use by working with composers and musicians. It’s what’s worked for Bernie!

But if you’d like to master both, a Certificate in Singing and Songwriting could be what you need to help you with your career as a singer-songwriter, learning how to craft music and make contacts in the industry.

Should you study singing and songwriting courses online?

While being a good singer and songwriter rests largely on talent, there’s a lot you can learn to hone your skills to help you find success. By completing a singing and songwriting course online, you will learn about musical theory, melody, goal-setting, writing for yourself versus writing for others and more. You’ll also learn practical skills you’ll need when working in the industry such as marketing, accounting and invoicing.

Careers in singing and songwriting are diverse and could take you to many places. Completing a certificate in singing and songwriting can help you get real-world knowledge to help you succeed. You can even study Music Courses online, focusing on singing and songwriting, learning at a pace that suits you. An industry certificate in singing and songwriting could open up a lot of doors and give you a solid qualification for your resume. Additionally, our Entrepreneurship Courses can equip you with the necessary business acumen to successfully manage your career or start your own music business. 

To find out more about our available courses in singing and songwriting, or to find out more about our fantastic catalogue of online courses, get in touch today. It’s time to take things to the next level so that you achieve your dream career.