4 ways to tell if you should have a Career in Community Services

Working as a part of the community services industry can be a tough job. While there are tens of different positions available at any given moment, the majority of them is very demanding. You are directly working with other people, helping them deal with everyday problems. In reality, for many of them, you become their main friend and counsellor.

On the other hand, this is the reason why so many people who are part of this industry say that their job is the most rewarding experience in the whole world.

Are you born to work with other people, on one of the numerous positions available in the community services sector?

You are passionate about improving the lives of others
Albert Einstein once said that “only the life lived for others is a life worthwhile”. If you genuinely love helping other people and derive satisfaction from having a positive impact on other people’s lives, you will love your duties.

Community service employees play a significant role in improving the quality of life of thousands of individuals and hundreds of families all around Australia. If you’re truly passionate about helping others and want to see their lives improve, you cannot miss the opportunity that this industry can offer you.

You possess the skills that cannot be taught
Any job requires candidates to possess a set of specific skills. While most positions available on the job market focus on the skills that can be learnt through study, some people are born to make a living helping others. If you easily notice the inequalities in the society and are full of empathy for the suffering of others, you are a perfect candidate for a community service employee. Similarly, if you are the person who talks little but listens with your whole heart, you are a perfect example of someone who should consider changing the lives of others, full-time.

You love challenges and are great in coming up with solutions to complex problems
No matter whether you become a clinic supervisor, family counsellor, or a youth worker, you will come across complex problems, often involving other people and their lives – with little to no predictable solutions. The life of every person you will come across will be different and full of (sometimes completely opposite) experiences. If you are an individual who loves overcoming obstacles and are not afraid of challenges or unpredictability, you are a perfect candidate for community service worker.

You value flexible working environment with a lot of opportunities to grow
Have you ever been afraid that you will get qualified for the job only to realise that the exact position that you prepared for is not exactly what you wanted to do, but you have no other choice? Or you wanted to take the job offered, but you were afraid there would be no room for professional and personal growth? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you should pick up a job in the community services industry. The uniqueness of this sector gives you a tremendous selection of different positions and areas in which you can specialise and work.

Because of the abundance of cases that you can work on, it’s much easier to change the scope of your work. For example, you could start helping asylum seekers and move on to working with families and counselling. Each of the cases represents an entirely different area within the same industry. And because society keeps changing, there will always be a tremendous opportunity for growth and variety of different problems to solve.

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