9 Design-Related Jobs That Demand in Australia

in demand design related jobs

Do you love art and design but are still unsure of what you can do to turn it into a career? If this is you, we’re glad you’ve come across this article.

We’ve made a list of 9 design jobs in demand in Australia at the moment and included their annual salaries with a brief overview of what to expect on the job.

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Note: The annual salaries mentioned in this post are from PayScale Australia and are only meant to be used as guide.

1. UI/UX Designer

Firstly, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two different aspects of app design. UI focuses on the layout and appearance of an app, while UX focuses on how the app’s logical function and how the users can easily interact with it.

Although they’re two different things, some companies prefer to hire just one person for both UI and UX design since the responsibilities of these aspects are closely related as well.

Having said that, a UI/UX designer is responsible for illustrating app design ideas using process flows, sitemaps, and storyboards. This professional also designs graphic user interface elements such as widgets, tabs, menus and the like. They collaborate with engineers and product managers to determine the specific design requests of an organisation.

Annual Salary of a UI/UX Designer: AU$50,214 – AU$115,547

2. Web Designer

The main responsibilities of a web designer are to design and create the features, layout and overall look of a website. They do it by meeting clients or the management team to assess their needs and preferences, considering the nature of the business, the target audience, preferred colours, font style, and so on.

Just like other technology jobs, web designers are also of huge demand in Australia and other parts of the world. The mixture of their technical skills and creativity is also a great factor why they receive good wages.

A bachelor’s degree is not always required to become a web designer. Companies usually look at the portfolio of applicants when choosing to hire someone. You can also study a Certificate in Web Development to be more familiar with coding and the technical aspect of web design.

Annual Salary of a Web Designer: AU$40,454 – AU$81,526

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3. Animator

A lot of people look up to animators because of their impeccable gift and passion for arts and design. These artists create and use a series of images, such as drawings, models, and puppets, for films, computer games, commercials, websites, and music videos. They do this using advanced software such as Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects and Maya.

The usual employers of animators are web design companies, film producers, computer game companies, and marketing companies. In order to land this role, you’ll need to build an impressive portfolio that demonstrates your design and animation abilities.

Annual Salary of an Animator: AU$40,003 – AU$90,762

4. Graphic Designer

This role is probably one of the most popular design jobs in demand in Australia. Generally, graphic designers are responsible for creating visual concepts for marketing purposes. Some of their outputs include infographics, posters, banners, logos, brochures, magazines, corporate reports, book cover, and the like.

Graphic designers are very specific when it comes to text and images. They also have discretion regarding text placements, images, font types, styles, sizes, and colours.

They come up with these designs using various software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Inkscape, CorelDraw and GIMP.

Annual Salary of a Graphic Designer: AU$40,324 – AU$73,457

5. Fashion Designer

There are two types of fashion designers – (a) those who design and create custom-made clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, and (b) those who design ready-to-wear clothes for their clients or for the brands they represent.

Being a fashion designer is not limited in sketching designs as per the client or brand’s preferences. It also involves choosing and buying colour palettes, prints and patterns for each “output.” This is also why it’s helpful to be educated on the administrative and logistics side of this career. You can do this by studying a fashion design online course or by taking a short course at the university.

Fashion designers also opt to be updated on fashion trends, and style upgrades.

Annual Salary of a Fashion Designer: AU$41,174 – AU$96,948

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6. Furniture Designer

As their job title implies, furniture designers are proficient in designing and creating beds, dressers, sofas, desks, and other furnishings for homes, offices, apartments, and more. When doing these things, they take into consideration several factors, including functionality, aesthetics, cost, target market, etc.

Aside from having excellent drawing skills and an eye for detail, modern furniture designers are also keen on using design software to bring their visions into life.They work around various materials such as metal, fabric, wood, pencil, and paper.

Annual Salary of a Furniture Designer: AU$45,000 – AU$70,000

7. Jewellery Designer

Aside from sketching rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and other jewellery, many jewellery designers also make moulds of their design using metal or wax. Their designs can either be based on client requests or their own preferences.

When sketching jewellery, they consider the type of metal they’ll use, along with the gemstones, the size and the carat. They also use creative software such as Photoshop, 3D-modelling, CAD, etc.

If you’re interested in starting your own jewellery business, it’s ideal to study a jewellery design course to learn how to properly source materials, how to market your products, how to calculate prices, and more.

Annual Salary of a Jewellery Designer: AU$41,321 – AU$80,235

8. Interior Designer

If you want to make your room, home or office look more functional and pretty, you’ve got to call an interior designer.

The interior designer’s expertise falls on interior planting, and decorating rooms and indoors with lights, furniture, blinds, windows, plumbing necessities, and other fixtures that would match the preferred colours, patterns and overall vibe of the owner. They do this while keeping in mind space requirements, building codes, and safety regulations.

Interior designers work hand in hand with architects, builders, mechanical engineers, and structural engineers to determine how each part of a home or office should look. Although some of their sketches and drawings can be done freehand, interior designers usually rely on Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software for most of their sketches and other inputs.

Annual Salary of an Interior Designer: AU$41,319 – AU$78,268

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9. Architect

We all know that architects design and plan houses, buildings and other structures. They plan the structure’s for floor plans, air-conditioning, ventilating, and heating systems, communication systems, electrical systems, plumbing, and landscape plans.

But their tasks aren’t limited to these. They’re also responsible for determining the materials and equipment required for the project. Specifying the cost of the project and the construction time, and signing of contracts also fall on their to-dos.

Architects prepare drawings and sketches by hand and using design software such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Computer-aided Design and Drafting (CADD) software. They work closely with clients to meet their specifications, along with contractors, builders and engineers.

Annual Salary of an Architect: AU$49,268 – AU$95,543

These are just nine design jobs in demand in Australia this year. Hopefully this info can help you get one step further to determining what kind of design-related career is going to float your boat.

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