7 Business Careers for Creative People

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When your skills, talents and passions lie in the creative realm, it’s very easy to become frustrated at work. Creatives tend to be independent thinkers. They like drawing on their knowledge, expertise and talents to find inventive solutions to logistical problems. They can easily become disillusioned with their tasks when they become repetitive.

If you’re a creative person whose talents could be put to waste in a monotonous job, it’s easy to wake up one day realising you’ve laboured for years in a job you’re learning to hate.

Of course, each of us is more than just our job. We have interests, outlets and passions outside of work. Many people have a creative side hustle or at least a hobby from which they can get the satisfaction that they’re sadly lacking in a desk job. Nonetheless, if you’re determined to make a living from your creativity, the world of 21st century business can seem barren if you don’t know the right places to look.

If there’s one thing that upsets us at Get Course, it’s wasted talent. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 7 best business careers for creative people. Wherever your talents lie, you’ll be sure to find both job satisfaction and decent pay in the careers below. All average salaries are provided by Payscale Australia unless otherwise stated.

Marketing/Advertising Executive

The great thing about marketing, advertising and promotions is that they walk the fine line between art and science. As a marketing executive, you’ll get lots of opportunities to flex your creative muscles as you bring your creativity and talent to help create campaigns that are matched to the needs and brand identity of your clients.

Yet, while a career in advertising and marketing can be very creatively rewarding, it also appeals to the meticulously minded, too. You’ll have to collect, analyse and interpret analytics data to gauge the success of campaigns and identify measures that can be taken to make them more effective.

Average Salary: AU$62,741 per year

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Graphic Designer

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need graphic designers. They are essential for everything from designing logos that project the requisite brand image to creating and implementing design concepts for offices and stores. Graphic design is essential for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition and appeal to their existing and prospective customers alike. The ability to create a powerful first impression is everything for a business, and when a graphic designer can provide it for them, good things tend to happen. For this reason, opportunities in graphic design are diverse, widespread, and potentially lucrative. Those interested in pursuing a career in this dynamic field should consider enrolling in graphic design courses, which can provide the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.

Average Salary: AU$52,521 per year

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers understand how to maintain the balancing act between aesthetic beauty and practical function. They understand what makes things work, while also understanding what makes them sell.

Industrial designers are employed in the development and manufacture of everything from medical equipment to home appliances and even motor vehicles. Although industrial designers enjoy a degree of creative freedom they also need to consider function and production costs. They are integral both for developing new products and reinventing existing ones.

Average Salary: AU$56,294

PR Director

In the business world, image is everything. We live in the age of the reputation-based economy. Businesses exist in highly competitive environments and they know that their customers can afford to be more fickle than ever. They know that the public perception of their brand can either send sales skyrocketing or put them out of business.

That’s why businesses large and small need PR directors to manage their public image. Whether they’re employed in-house or outsourced via PR firms, PR directors combine creative problem-solving skills with a superb understanding of psychology and outstanding interpersonal skills. They are involved in everything from the writing of press releases to the overseeing of influencer marketing campaigns.

Because they are so valuable to businesses they are well remunerated for their insight and creative solutions.

Average Salary: AU$116,069

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Art Director

An art director takes the lead on the artistic development of all creative copy including marketing and promotional materials. They have an excellent understanding of the media and how to create bespoke solutions for businesses across print, online, television, and radio campaigns.

Their emphasis is solely on aesthetics and how the style and quality of the visual (or audio) meet the needs and identity of the brand. They handle more of the creative side of a campaign rather than the strategic and analytical elements.

Average Salary: AU$75,697

UX Designer

Web design is vitally important to businesses. Their website dictates the impression they make on the digital landscape and getting it wrong can alienate their consumer base and send customers running into the arms of their competition in drives. However, there’s more to a website than looking pretty.

User Experience (UX) is an emerging but extremely important aspect of web design. UX designers try to optimise how users navigate through the website, making it easier to access the features they want while also subtly influencing their behaviour.

UX designers can help businesses to increase their user engagement and conversion rates exponentially so they are in increasingly high demand.

Average Salary: AU$72,660

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Creative Director

It’s easy to use the terms art director and creative director interchangeably, but they are subtly different in terms of both emphasis and scope.

A creative director usually oversees the decisions made by the art director and ensures that campaigns are “on brand”. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Creative directors must combine creativity with shrewd business sense as they oversee all elements of brand strategy. They are responsible not only for the creation of campaigns but their execution and follow-through.

However, with this increased responsibility comes an increased pay point.

Average Salary: AU$97,917

These are just a few business careers for creatively-minded individuals like you.

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