Animal Health & Veterinary Care

Fast Track Your Career in Animal Health & Veterinary Care

Get a headstart in your animal care career in Australia with the Animal Health & Veterinary Care course. Learn from leading professionals on animal handling, health, behaviour, and more in 8 comprehensive lessons.

Illustration of four people engaging with different exotic pets, including a man with a parrot on a stand, a woman holding a large snake, another with an iguana on a book, and a woman taking a photo of a small bird, set against a dark background.
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This course is self-paced and takes approximately 60 to 80 hours to complete. You will have 12 months from your date of enrollment to complete the course.
100% online with self-paced learning with both self-paced learning and live sessions with industry leaders.

Course Overview

Course Modules

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Career Outcomes

  • Animal Accommodation Facilities
  • Animal Refuges and Welfare Organizations
  • Wildlife Reserves
  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Animal Rescue Sanctuaries
  • Animal Shelters or Sanctuaries
  • Pet Shops or Stores
  • Pet Daycare

Course Fees Include

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Payment Options

  1. Upfront payment (with discounts) via all major credit cards.
  2. Buy Now, Pay Later options, including Afterpay, to spread your payments out over two months.
  3. A payment plan option starting from as little as $50 a week.

Course Bonus

Get the most out of your experience with over $150 worth of exclusive course benefits, including:

  • Get a 30% discount on science-backed premium supplements for your pets from the ZamiPet range.
  • Enjoy discounted personalised training consultations with Ian Shivers of Bondi Behaviourist to make a lasting positive impact on your dog’s behaviour and wellbeing.
  • For every lesson you complete, the Plant-A-Tree Program will plant a tree for you, so you can become part of the green solution for our future generation.

Live Sessions

Get access to a fortnightly livestreamed workshops, Q&As, and beauty treatment demos featuring your course mentor, peers, and a variety of industry guest speakers. Each session is recorded and uploaded to the learning platform so you can freely study and enjoy over 95 hours of content during your course.

About The Course

Turn Your Love for Animals into a Rewarding Career + Enjoy over $150 of Course-Exclusive Benefits

Passionate about animals and making a difference in their lives through providing proper care for their health and well-being? Are you looking for reliable learning that can help you fast-track your career and get real-world insights into the animal care industry in Australia? Then the Animal Health & Veterinary Care course will give you the best headstart you needed!

This comprehensive course includes 8 lessons and live sessions from Australia’s leading animal care professionals from RSPCA Queensland and ZamiPet—to educate you on everything you need to learn about animal handling and safety, health and nutrition, behaviour and enrichment, veterinary care, rescue and first aid, veterinary clinic support, bereavement support, and animal welfare and sustainability.

This course offers bonus content from the best professionals in the animal care and veterinary industry and discounts on a range of products and services from participating partner organisations.

Learn More with Ulleo Live!

During your studies, you will have access to fortnightly livestreamed workshops, Q&As, and demos featuring your Course Mentor, peers, and various industry guest speakers. These sessions are the perfect opportunity to ask questions in real-time. Topic examples include:

  • Improving mental health in animals
  • Finding your path in the animal care industry
  • Reading body language and behaviour
  • Empower pet owners through education

Each session is recorded and uploaded to the learning platform for later viewing. You will enjoy over 95 hours of content during your course!

Flexible Payment Plans from $50 Per Week or Fortnightly Payment via Afterpay.

Want to study this course but can’t afford to pay upfront? No problem! This course comes with a flexible weekly payment plan from $50 per week or fortnightly payment via Afterpay. Enquire now for more details.


“Amazing, great information and structure, made learning easy! Being able to complete knowledge checks at any time and as much as needed relieved so much stress and helped me learn more! Mentor was fabulous, and the options for Ulleo Live were fantastic. Thanks, Ulleo!” - Caelan R.

“I absolutely loved your course and would love it if you ever launch anything else in relation to animal care to take more courses through you. Everything about the course - the simplicity, the bite-sized segments, and the short but hugely informative videos made it thoroughly engaging.” - Emily-Rose B.