Career Paths in Business Management Majors

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Contemplating on what business major to choose? In order to answer this question, you must first determine what career you’d like to chase, and how much you want to earn in the future.

If you’ve decided to major in management, then you’re reading the right blog. We’ve itemized the top career paths for business management majors below, along with their annual salaries, to give you an overview of what’s ahead after college.

All set? Let’s discuss them one by one.

Note: The annual salaries listed hereunder are sourced from Payscale Australia.

1. Accountant

Although not directly related to business management, being an accountant remains ideal for business management majors in Australia, especially if you’re passionate about numbers and computations. To be more competent for the role, some people take online Accounting Courses to earn a certificate or an advanced certificate in accounting.

The duties of accountants revolve around documenting and analysing financial information. They summarize the financial status of a certain company or individual and prepare their balance sheet, profit and loss statements, and other reports.

Likewise, accountants help maintain the financial security of a company or an individual by following protocols and by complying with legal requirements such as taxes and other dues.

However, like the rest of the accountant hopefuls, Business Management graduates also have to take and pass the CPA exam to be considered an accountant in Australia.

Annual Salary: AU$41,050 – AU$83,380

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2. Business Analyst

As an agent of change, the main responsibility of a business analyst is to identify lapses and the need for change in the company’s processes. At the same time, they also recommend technology or IT-related solutions that will address those issues and facilitate change.

Business analysts function across various levels in an organization. You can see them creating the enterprise architecture, ensuring the cost-effectiveness of technological solutions, enumerating the goals of various company projects and more.

They’re also called business consultants, system analysts, management consultants, business architects, etc.

Annual Salary: AU$58,516 – AU$119,864

3. Corporate Investment Banker

Also known as an institutional banker, this role is primarily involved in three areas of investment banking: corporate finance, equity capital markets, and debt capital markets. Corporate investment bankers usually work in financial institutions, investment funds, banks, and private equity firms.

For corporate finance, they provide advice on buy-outs and buy-ins, mergers and acquisitions, and the issuing of bonds and stocks. Meanwhile, for equity capital markets, institutional bankers help raise capital by conducting research and analysis of equity markets and products. They analyse the profitability and risks of new deals as well as prepare statistical and financial reports.

In debt capital markets, they closely work with banks, private venture capital funds and other financial firms to structure the debt obligations, refinancing or restructuring details of various clients.

Annual Salary: AU$61,824 – AU$247,205

4. Financial Analyst

By assessing the performance of investment funds, stocks and bonds, financial analysts help individuals and businesses make the right investment decisions.

A financial analyst is hungry for information, always aware of developments in the economy and the investment field. They also make crucial business and industry recommendations by researching on microeconomic and macroeconomic conditions of a certain company or sector.

Since entering the finance path requires great analytical skills and expertise in various funds, some business major holders take financial planning courses to specialise.

Annual Salary: AU$50,508 – AU$101,195

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5. Marketing Specialist

If you love brainstorming and developing creative marketing campaigns, this role is for you. Being a market specialist will require you to conduct market research, formulate marketing funnels, and determine consumer requirements, buying habits, and industry trends.

This role is usually involved in the traditional and digital marketing initiatives of an organization. They help formulate content strategies, advertising game plans and contribute to event planning to reach their target audience and conversions.

Annual Salary: AU$49,574 – AU$88,612

6. Operations Manager

This senior role carries a bulk of responsibilities on its shoulders. The complete job description of an operations manager varies per company. However, their general role is to oversee the production of goods and/or maintain the quality of the services that an organization delivers.

Also, an operations manager serves as the liaison between the C-levels and the employees of the company. They train new employees, supervise teams, and measure staff performance. Likewise, they submit performance reports, appraisal reports, and relevant company proposals to the upper management or the clients.

Annual Salary: AU$52,622 – AU$137,709

7. Project Manager

As the job title suggests, the project manager is the person in charge of specific projects in an organisation or for a specific client. The task of this role includes planning and budgeting for the assigned project, as well as monitoring and reporting the status of the project.

A project manager also delegates tasks to employees, sets deadlines, and makes sure the deadlines are met. Just like the operations manager, this position also serves as the bridge between the subordinates and the upper management.

Business administration majors are also effective for this role.

Annual Salary: AU$62,822 – AU$155,825

How to Land These Roles?

The first qualification required to land any of these roles is a business degree. Next to it are various skills such as problem-solving skills, analytical skills, communication skills, etc.

To stand out in more senior positions or to effectively lead teams, consider enhancing your education with Leadership and Management courses. These courses are specifically designed to develop your leadership style, improve decision-making abilities, and provide effective strategies for managing people and projects. By enrolling in Management Courses, you'll gain the critical skills and insights needed to excel in leadership roles and drive organisational success. Additionally, acquiring a Certificate in Bookkeeping can complement your managerial skills by providing a solid understanding of financial management, which is essential for any business role. Whether you aim to become a project manager, operations manager, or ascend to executive levels, these online courses can provide the crucial skills needed to succeed.

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In addition to pursuing a business management major, complementing your skills with Administration Courses online, such as Receptionist Courses and Bookkeeping Courses can significantly enhance your employability in various business roles. These courses are designed to provide foundational knowledge in administrative tasks, customer service, office management, and essential financial record-keeping, making you a versatile candidate for a range of positions. Moreover, adding online Marketing Courses to your skillset can further broaden your career opportunities by equipping you with modern digital marketing strategies.

These are just some of the career paths for business management majors in Australia. One pivotal role to consider is that of a good manager, which embodies the essence of what you can achieve with a degree in business management. We hope this article has helped you choose which role to apply for. If you want another set of roles for this specific major, please let us know. We’d love to create more informative content for you!

On the other hand, if you’re interested to know more about career paths for other business majors and how you can land such roles, kindly reach out to us by clicking the button above.

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