Top 5 Pet and Animal Care Careers

Illustration of a veterinarian smiling while examining a cheerful golden puppy with a stethoscope, set against a soft beige background, emphasizing compassionate animal care.

Do you love animals and desire to be around them more often? We have great news for you: there are animal care courses that you can consider to make your purr-fect animal care dream career come true!

  • To animal or pet aficionados like you, there are several animal care careers that you can venture into. These job roles offer rewarding and fulfilling career paths.
  • Through taking up courses in animal care, you will not only enjoy your time working with animals, but have a fruitful career growth in it,as well.
  • The careers listed below are the promising jobs with incredible pay that await you when you get a certification in animal care course.
  • At Get Course, you can study online animal care, grooming and welfare courses at affordable and flexible payment options.

5 Cool Careers for Pets And Animals Lovers

The future is yours to take! Here are the five animal careers that every animal lover’s dream job wants, which you can achieve in no time when you study animal courses online.

1. Professional Groomer

Grooming animals involves bathing pets to ensure their cleanliness, and cutting or trimming their fur to improve their appearance. In this career, you can work at your home as a freelancer, or in a facility, from stables to kennels. As for the skills, you’ll need patience, diligence, and passion for work. According to Indeed, a pet groomer can make up to $49,890 a year or higher, depending on where you choose to work.

To enhance your skills as a future professional groomer, we recommend you take up the Animal Grooming Certificate at Get Course to position you higher among your competitors in this job choice. To elevate your grooming career and offer comprehensive animal care, consider enrolling in online vet assistant courses. This will enrich your skill set with essential veterinary knowledge, making you more versatile in the animal care industry. We have a flexible payment plan of $25 per week, and you can complete it in 6 months. If you have already a certificate for advanced training and are looking to level up your skills and career standing, you can consider Get Course Online’s Professional Dog Grooming Certificate, which also has a $30 per week payment plan for your convenience.

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2. Dog Trainer

Constant, patient, and thorough training is necessary to teach a dog to perform a specific routine or behavior. However, teaching such tricks will take time and can only be done by a professional dog trainer to make it efficient and worthwhile for the pet and its owner.

The average hourly rate of an average Australian dog trainer is $39.16 which can be a stable source of income in the future. Therefore, if you dream of training more dogs and getting familiar with each breed's personality, the best option is to get a Canine Psychology course and online dog training courses to sharpen your training skills.

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3. Animal Welfare

The animal welfare job includes taking care of animals during crises or times of need. They initially respond to environmental emergencies to save animals whose lives are at risk and are the first in line to provide care, nutrition, and human handling.

For animal lovers who take animal rights and welfare to the core, this is one of the best careers in animal care to consider to be proactive at paying great attention to their well-being. We encourage you to take up a Certificate in Animal Welfare if you desire to study the ins and outs of a career in animal welfare. At Get Course online, you can pay for this course at a flexible rate of $25 per week and be on your way to helping animals in need!

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4. Animal Shelter Manager

Animal shelters are the go-to place for those who want to adopt animals and the home for animals who need them. The role of an animal shelter manager is to oversee the day-to-day operations of animal shelters, manage staff and volunteers, maintain facilities and equipment, interact with the public, and ensure that shelter animals receive proper care and treatment. According to Glassdoor, animal shelter managers make up to $43,000. The bonus of this incredible career for pet lovers? The endless happiness and fulfillment they feel seeing sheltered animals being taken care of, and later on, getting adopted.

If you feel this career path is for you, the best route to take is to study animal courses online and acquire a Certificate in Zoology to earn skills in managing animals in groups. In this course, you will also learn about human-animal interactions and captive husbandry. If you’re tight on budget and can’t pay upfront, don’t worry, you have the option to pay $25 a week until you complete the 200-hour course. Talk about affordability and convenience.

5. Zoo Veterinarian

This job role is one of the most popular careers in animal care that doesn’t only provide career fulfillment, but promising pay, as well. A zoo veterinarian earns an impressive yearly median salary of $94,733. It’s a specialised career that will require you to work mostly in a zoo to guarantee and maintain zoo animals’ health and well-being, often necessitating a zoology certificate.

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Do you want to explore this field of career? Get Course, in collaboration with The Learning Group, recommends you take up animal care online courses, including livestock courses, and attain a Certificate in Wildlife Veterinary and wildlife photography course to earn strong veterinary care skills and position yourself above the competition when you apply for the job. What makes Get Course unique in terms of payment affordability and flexibility? You have a workable option of paying $25 per week until you complete the 15-week study of this course.

For those looking to specialise even further in animal care, reptile courses offer unique insights into the care, behavior, and conservation of reptiles. This specialised knowledge, along with marine studies online, can enhance careers such as zoo veterinarian or animal shelter manager, where understanding a wide range of species is crucial.

There is no shortcut to a successful career in animal care. However, with courses4me, you can access the proper courses, time, and investment needed to excel in this field. As an animal lover, you are uniquely positioned to make the world a better and safer place for our fur friends! Make your inquiry today at courses4me to start growing your pet and animal care skills with Get Course!

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