Certificate in Livestock Management

Learn How To Manage Livestock Correctly For Any Farm

Stay ahead in Livestock Management. Enhance skills, practices, and knowledge with the online Certificate in Livestock Management. Learn animal care, physiology, feed, disease diagnosis, and more.

Illustration of a farmer in a hat and overalls feeding sheep, accompanied by a border collie, in a pastoral setting, symbolizing livestock management activities.
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Completion of this course requires approximately 300 hours of study. You will have 12 months to access the course.
100% online with scheduled tutorials throughout the duration of the course.

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Career Outcomes

  • Farm hand
  • Farmer
  • Farm Agent
  • Farm Manager
  • Farm Sale Officer
  • Agricultural Enterprise Assistant
  • Livestock Manager

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About The Course

Develop Effective Livestock Management Skills and Techniques through this Certificate in Livestock Management Course

Are you currently working in livestock management and are looking to stay up to date with best practices, skills, and techniques? If you are someone who is committed to providing the best care for your livestock, then why not consider studying the Certificate in Livestock Management? This flexible online course provides a solid foundation in animal husbandry, animal development, livestock physiology, feed, causes and diagnosis of diseases on animals, animal health, and more.

The modules included in the Certificate in Livestock Management have been developed to equip you with a thorough understanding of animal husbandry and diseases, both of which are critical for the successful management of livestock. You will gain a deep knowledge of animal care, breeding, nutrition, and overall health, equipping you with the skills to pursue a successful career in farming, livestock management, or other related fields. 

You will explore best practices for maintaining animal health, and develop an understanding of animal behavior which is critical in recognizing potential health issues, as it often signals underlying health problems. Upon course completion, you will be able to make informed decisions that contribute to the overall success of your animal-related career. Learnings from this course will contribute to the overall success of your animal-related career, whether it be in livestock management or other animal-related professions.

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Want to study this course but can't afford to pay upfront? No problem. This course comes with an interest-free payment plan option, which can start as low as $25 per week depending on your eligibility. Simply pay a weekly amount towards your course until the course is paid off and stress less. 

Enhance your expertise in animal care and management with the Certificate in Livestock Management, one of the comprehensive flexible online courses designed for those in or aspiring to enter livestock management. This course, accessible anywhere at any time, delves into essential topics such as animal husbandry, physiology, nutrition, disease diagnosis, and overall health, preparing you for a successful career in farming, livestock management, or related fields. Through engaging modules, you'll gain deep insights into best practices for animal health and behavior, crucial for maintaining the well-being of livestock and ensuring the success of your agricultural endeavors.