How Much Do Horse Breeders Make a Year?

Graphic showing a person in a red sweater embracing a light blonde horse, accompanied by a chestnut adult horse and a small foal.

Anyone interested in pursuing a career as a horse breeder will be keen to know how much money you can make in this role. The great news is, we’ve provided the information you need to know about making money as a horse trader. Read on to learn more.

Tasks and Responsibilities of Horse Breeders

  • Oversee horse care procedures such as feeding, grooming, exercising, medical check-ups, and vaccinations of horses
  • Study the health and medical history of horses to ensure healthy and successful reproduction
  • Facilitate breeding initiatives, using the scientific knowledge needed to keep the desirable characteristics in the offspring
  • Meet artificial insemination technicians, veterinarians, and geneticists
  • Handle some administrative tasks such as keeping the health record of horses
  • Market horses, and maintain good relationships with clients

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How Much Do Horse Breeders Make a Year?

As per PayScale Australia, the average salary for employed horse breeders and horse trainers in Australia is AU$ 55,000 per year. Salaries for entry-level roles are usually lower than this but there’s plenty of potential for wage growth.

Just like any other career, work experience is also a crucial factor in the salary of horse breeders especially because of the complexity of the job. At the same time, the amount you can expect to receive would also depend on the financial capacity and stability of the employer.

How Do I Start Working as a Horse Breeder?

While there’s no specific qualification or degree required to ace this role, some people start with studying and training to become a horse breeder before applying for any related role. On the other hand, some people start by trying out horse breeding on their own before working their way up to where they want to be, often enhancing their knowledge and credentials with a equine courses online.

If you ask us, we think the former is a wiser choice since you’ll have enough time to prepare and it’ll be easier for you to work around the tasks.

For instance, you can study an online course in horse breeding. Such a course is suited to people from all walks of life, even those with absolutely no relevant background or experience about horses. The course covers various aspects of horse care and horse breeding, including handling, grooming, health risk management, and understanding the various stages of pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care required for the mare and her foal. You’ll also learn about vital things such as horse mating behaviour.

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We hope this article has answered the question “How much do horse breeders make a year.” If beginning a career in horse breeding is something you’ve been thinking about for a while, studying is where it all starts. Enrolling in animal care courses, such as our horse care course or horse breeding certificate, can provide you with all the skills you need and make you more appealing to employers, allowing you to get started in a brand-new career that you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

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