Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies

Transform Your Fascination in Horses into a Rewarding Career

Are you captivated by the majestic beauty of horses and yearning to turn this passion into a fulfilling career but don't have the skills and knowledge to get started? The Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies is the key to unlocking your potential and confidently stepping into the equine industry.

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This course is self-paced. The course will take approximately 500 hours to complete.
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Course Overview

Course Modules

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Career Outcomes

  • Horse Breeder
  • Horse Owner
  • Horse Trainer
  • Agistment Manager
  • Stable Manager
  • Horse Groomer
  • Equine Vet Assistant
  • Boarding Stable Owner
  • Broodmare Manager
  • Equine Pedigree Analyst
  • Horse Farm Manager
  • Hot Walker
  • Exercise Rider
  • Jockey
  • Racehorse Trainer
  • Racetrack Outrider
  • Riding Instructor
  • Racetrack Starter
  • Racing Steward

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About The Course

Transform Your Passion for Horses into a Rewarding Career with the Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies

Are you captivated by the majestic beauty of horses and yearning to turn this passion into a fulfilling career? Do you envision yourself ensuring the health and well-being of these magnificent creatures but feeling held back by a lack of professional knowledge and skills? The Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies is the key to unlocking your potential and stepping into the equine industry with confidence.

This comprehensive course will equip you with a deep understanding of horse care, equine behaviour, and successfully managing an equine business. You'll delve into the fascinating world of horse psychology, learn the essentials of buying a horse, and master the principles of feeding and watering. The course doesn't stop at basic care; it takes you further into horse breeding, grooming, and event management. You'll gain insights into professional practices and techniques to breed, raise, and groom horses and manage their health in various situations, including travel and competition.

Each module is designed to provide you with practical skills that you can apply directly in the field. From understanding horse facility design to organising and managing horse events, you'll be prepared to handle any situation your horses face. Whether you're a novice with no previous experience or seeking to enhance your skills and gain recognition in the equine industry, this course is your stepping stone to a rewarding career.

Imagine the doors this course could open for you in the equine industry. You could become a stable hand, stud hand, stable manager, or even start your own business in the equine industry. The possibilities are endless. So why wait? Enrol in the Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies today and turn your love for horses into a career you'll love even more!

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Want to study this course but can’t afford to pay upfront? No problem! The Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies online course is available on a flexible interest-free payment plan starting from $25 a week. Want more information? Enquire now.


"I did it!! Finally, I was able to ride a horse! All thanks to this course which taught me everything I needed to know. Horses are very intelligent animals that has to be taken care of perfectly. All the units about horse care and behaviour really helped me get where I am today. There will be a lot more occasions where I will have to apply the knowledge I gained through this course and I’m looking forward to them!" - Jilly

"Ever since I was a kid, I had a lot of horses in our ranch. I always knew how to ride them and my dad taught me about caring for them. But I wanted to take it to the next step with a qualification. I’m happy to say that I’ve actually been able to learn some stuff that I didn’t know before. The staff was really helpful and attentive to all my questions." - Mia