Career vs. Job: A Definitive Guide in Following Your Passion

Artwork of six people dressed in occupational attire, symbolizing careers in mechanical, emergency services, animal care, law enforcement, art, and sports.

The decision to choose a career vs. job is a big one and a decision that many people struggle with, but there are some things we can do to ensure that it works out well for us either way. Just knowing where to start can really make a difference and hearing from people who have been in your shoes is usually very helpful. Here is a guide that will help you follow your passion, turn it into a career, and hopefully enjoy the outcome of your decision.

Type Of Career?

The starting point to following your passion, and turning it into a career choice, is to find out what you enjoy doing. What is your passion exactly? Generally, children are encouraged to try lots of different things as they grow up, to hopefully find the one thing that they wish to do with their lives long-term.

It doesn’t always work that way, however, and successful entrepreneurs such as Gary V, for example, will always encourage you to try out new things and see what works for you, no matter what your age. Having a passion, and earning money from it, means that you are much more likely to experience job satisfaction. Of course, there are many people who purely want to earn money and not think too hard about how they do this, but if that isn’t for you, then finding a passion, or a love for a specific skill, can be an incredible opportunity.

Once you have tried everything then learning everything you possibly can is essential, one option is to choose to Study Certificate Course Online, this way you can study at home and fit it around other aspects of your life. If you happen to be a creative person then, of course, trying all the different artistic career paths out, on a basic level, will give you a clear overview of what is required from the profession, and how it could work for you. But whatever it is you are looking for, testing the waters is definitely the first step.

What Is The Next Step?

Once you have discovered your passion, then you will have to take on the responsibility of learning the skill in full and implementing it. Some careers are easier to begin than others, and may not necessarily need a lot of education and learning time, but sometimes you will need to take on an intensive course and learn for years before you can follow your dream career.

Choosing to do a course online and doing your research such as searching the Online Certificate Courses in Australia, will give you a very good idea on what is available and how long it will take you to finish your studies. You will need to work out the financial aspect of your learning journey as well, but that goes hand-in-hand with the research and planning phase of your decision-making process.

Having a clear plan and goal in mind is essential if you want to make your career a success. There is plenty of advice and support available for this stage of the process and even books written by people who were once in your situation.

Career vs. Job: Which Side are You on?

It sounds obvious but many people struggle with taking the plunge and making the decision to take the first steps into their dream career. But you can make it easier for yourself, you can always take slow steps and start learning as you go, testing the waters, and building up a plan in plenty of time.

It doesn’t have to be an instant decision and action, and as with most good decisions a solid plan with a good understanding of what you are about to do is essential. Maybe starting with the courses that you will need to complete to get to where you need to be, which can be found easily online. So the next time you're struggling between having a career vs. job, do not be hasty to make conclusions.

However, going “all in“ can also be refreshing and bold. Just remember to ensure that you have put backup plans in place, and your research is thorough. Many people have quit their day jobs to follow their dream careers, and been incredibly successful in doing so.

So whether you’re a person who is happy in a job that enables you to take care of your family with your income or somebody who has big dreams and aspirations, everyone has the right to make choices and decisions that they believe to be in their best interest, so following your passion is a great way to ensure you will be happy in the future, even though it can be a rollercoaster along the way.

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