Australia's Most Powerful Women in Business

most powerful businesswomen in Australia

In Australia, women are rapidly taking over the business world. With a host of wealthy women in a variety of industries, there is a role model out there for budding business students that are looking to expand their knowledge and their career.

If you are thinking of completing a business degree or are just looking for some inspiration, taking a look at this list of the top Australian women in business can be of help.

1. Terri Janke

As the founder of Terri Janke and Company (a well-renowned law firm), Terri Janke has made a big impact in the legal industry. An influential owner born in Cairns, she has been at the forefront of changing how the industry deals with indigenous clients both nationally and internationally.

She focuses on commercial law and intellectual property. Janke’s a role model for many who want to follow a similar career path, and a proud Wuthathi/Meriam businesswoman who wants to inspire others.

2. Kelly Bayer Rosmarin

Previously the Group Executive of Institutional Banking and Markets at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Kelly Rosmarin has recently taken over as the deputy CEO of telecommunications company Optus.

Kelly is a powerful woman within the technology sector and she is frequently named in the top 10 businesswomen in Australia. She’s responsible for Optus’ growing market share, striving with a unique blend of management, commercial and technological expertise.

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3. Marita Cheng

Frequently listed as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Australia (and the world), Marita Cheng is the Founder & CEO of Aubot and Robogals & Aipoly. What stands Marita out from the crowd is not only her impressive resume but the fact she is only 29 years old.

At the age of 19 in 2008, she founded Robogals – a global organisation run by students at the university she was studying at, which aimed to persuade and inspire other young girls who want to study technology and engineering. Expanding to host over 70,000 girls across the world, it was the stepping stone into her career within the industry.

She’s named by Forbes as the Young Australian of the Year in 2012, her influence is never-ending – as is her wealth.

4. Dr. Catriona Wallace

Another business mogul within the technology field, Dr. Catriona Wallace is the Founder & CEO of Flamingo AI. She’s also the founder and a shareholder of ACA Research and Fifth Quadrant.

Flamingo AI took off rapidly within the industry, accumulating an impressive A$25 million in the first four years of trading. What makes this company stand out from the crowd is that it has an amazing 40% female workforce and puts a high importance in recognising the influence of women in the business world.

Not only this, but her company calls for a working environment that doesn’t discriminate based on sexuality, age, race or the state of an employees mental health, making it an incredibly welcoming place to work for everyone.

In 2014, Dr. Catriona also launched the first co-working space for businesses led by women. Based in the city of Sydney, it aims at providing invaluable support services for CEOs, female entrepreneurs and others within a variety of industries.

5. Melanie Perkins

Another woman of the hour is Melanie Perkins, an Australian self-made millionaire and businesswoman. She is the co-founder and CEO of the world-famous graphic design company Canva.

At the age of 19, Perkins began frustrated in the fact that creating a simple graphic design would take long hours. As a creative who loves designing things from scratch, Taking the matter into her own hands, she created an online platform that anyone can use to easily create beautiful graphics – from unique photographs to user-friendly fonts.

Founded in 2012 in Sydney, Canva makes an easier alternative to the popular Adobe Design Suite or Photoshop. Since her business has rapidly become one of Australia’s most popular online platforms, Melanie has become a multi-millionaire at the young age of 30, with Canva forecasted at over A$1 billion. She’s continually improving the platform, planning on doubling the company so that it has over 500 employees.

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6. Gina Rinehart

Last but definitely not the least is the queen of the Australian businesswomen – Gina Rinehart. Executive Chairman and Owner of the Hancock Prospecting Group, Gina has had a fascinating career over the years. She works incredibly hard to expand her place in the industry throughout the decades.

Gaining a foothold in the mining industry by means of her father (iron ore magnate Lang Hancock), she quickly took over the empire and built on its legacy after his death in 1992.

Not only did she expand the company within the mining industry, but she also developed the company’s interests that it also become involved with livestock and media. Winning numerous awards throughout the years, including the Australian Export Heroes Award (2009), she is worth approximately A$14.8 billion.

Due to her large wealth she has held a prime position as the richest person in all of Australia for the last few years.

Do you dream of being recognised alongside these powerful women? The good news is you can become whoever you want to be! Start by improving yourself and gaining more knowledge in your chosen field and you’ll see yourself fulfilling your goals one by one.

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