Career in Information Technology

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Information technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to a forecast released by International Data Corporation, global IT spending will increase from $2.46 trillion in 2015 to over $2.8 trillion in 2019. Almost every other sector relies on information technology, making it the industry of the present and the future. Bill Gates, one of the most respected business and IT people of all time, believes that IT and business are becoming inextricably interwoven, and one cannot talk about one without talking about the other. Considering this integration, if you're asking whether you are destined to work in one of its many specialisations, exploring a career in IT might be your next step.

Check out the below signs that you might be a natural-born computer geek.

  • You are the go-to tech guy for your friends and family

If your friends keep calling you any time their Internet is dead, and they can’t view their favourite cat memes, they probably consider you their favourite computer geek – meaning you most likely have the skills to work in the IT sector. Of course, resetting the router should be just one of the many skills that you possess but if you became the go-to PC guy for half the people you know, without a doubt you know and love the computer stuff that you’re doing.

  • You know a few languages but not all of them are spoken

Have you ever answered “Java” and “PHP” when asked about fluency in languages other than English? If you know even a little bit about programming and have experimented with creating your own websites or applications, there’s plenty of room for you in the IT industry. Usually, the more programming languages you know, the better.

Some people even claim that soon computer languages will be more important than foreign ones – so if you know even a tiny bit of one but found learning it truly enjoyable, consider building on that foundation by getting certified, further polishing your skills and joining the IT industry. Especially that salaries for programmers often exceed those of people in management or any other role.

  • Computers & Networks have no secrets for you

Are you the guy who put together his first computer only to disassemble it minutes later, watch every piece carefully, and assemble again, only to see if you can do it faster? Or maybe you love everything about the digital world, computers and networking so much that you are the first person in your neighbourhood to try half of the popular apps and have already ranked your first website #1 in search engine results for multiple keywords? Even if you haven’t done that yet but would love to, you will definitely find a place for yourself in the IT industry.

  • You love managing everything digital

Do you use Scrum to manage your everyday life? Are you the “geek” type but instead of digging in the code you prefer to outsource the work and manage people who create the final product for you? If you love the digital world but at the same time prefer to manage rather than do the work yourself, don’t worry. Teams of designers, programmers and online marketers are looking for people who understand their work and can help them manage the processes to make everything go smooth and with as little setbacks as possible.

The IT sector is so broad and so complex that there’s enough space for people with different backgrounds, personalities and interests. Of course, there is still a lot of competition, so getting the right qualifications and showing your true love for your future position is a must. There’s no time to waste – the industry keeps growing, and numerous opportunities are waiting for you.

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