Learn From A Business Administrative Ninja

learn from a business admin ninja

We could all use a little help in the business world as we struggle to maintain a sane office environment. We can get behind in our work and then we try in vain to get a handle on things only to find ourselves in a vicious cycle. Being in an office you soon realize that there is just too much to do and it can’t be done at the same time. You need to learn the fine art of balancing your work and being the ninja of your own office. Making better use of our time and using time management can help us focus our attention better.

So here are some tips of some ninja business administrative assistants to help you survive.

1. Be Calm and Prepared.

Being calm and in control is the first step to being the master of your own creativity. You can eliminate stress from your life as well as get a handle on the craziness that is your office. We all know there are never enough hours in the day so you need to do what you can with the hours that you have without ripping your hair out at the end of the day.

Be prepared means that things are going to come up that you may feel could possibly trip you up. You can’t let that happen, it’s not good for the spirit and it won’t keep your stress level down. Be mentally prepared in the hearing and now and just deal with the issue at hand. That doesn’t mean you work through your lunch or breaks, those are the times you have throughout the day to breath and settle your mind again to tackle your next ninja mission.

2. Use all your available weapons.

You need to master your schedule so that you can not only complete your own work but help others as well because you never know what is going to come up. Don’t fuss with unnecessary technology. Don’t waste a lot of time on emails, check them just a few times a day and that’s it. If you check them every few minutes you are doomed to waste a whole day.

3. Be ruthless and a little awesome.

Sacrificing your work is sometimes the calling of the day. Not only that but there the phone is ringing and your smart-phone is buzzing off messages, so what are you going to do? Should you try to help people, yes of course, especially if it’s part of your job description. But there are times in your job where you need to say NO! If you said yes to every little request you would have no time for anything. Says yes only if you genuinely have the time otherwise don’t sacrifice your work for another person’s needs.

Be a ninja and master your business workplace. If you're interested in further honing your administrative and management skills, consider enrolling in administration courses in Australia, which include a focus on online accounting courses and other key business practices.