10 Common Student Jobs That Aren’t Terrible…

common students job

The standard of living is quite high in Australia, and thus some students work on the side to sustain their lifestyle. On the other hand, some students strategically work while studying to gain experience and build a commendable resume.

Whatever your motivation may be, if you’re a student in Australia who’s looking for a job in a fast-growing industries in Australia, we’re glad you’ve visited this website. Listed below are some of the common student jobs you can consider, including their hourly rate for your reference.

Note: The hourly figures and salaries in Australian dollars are actual data from PayScale.

1. Event Assistant

An event assistant is energetic, organised, and self-motivated. This job allows you to have fun while working on your feet, transferring from one place to the other. You can be assisting at a wedding today, and then in a concert the day after. Consequently, you’ll need great people and time management skills. In this role, you’ll work closely and under the supervision of an event manager, hence the “assistant” job title. If you’re also considering a career in event management in the future, pursuing a Certificate in Event Management through events management courses online will be a great training ground for you. You can also explore reception courses online to complement your event assistant skills, enhancing your ability in managing tasks efficiently and providing excellent customer service.

Hourly rate: A$24.66 (average)

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2. Cab/Uber Driver

Do you have a driver’s license? Are you good in directions and are patient on the road? Go and work as a cab driver! You can apply at a taxi company or register in Uber so you can drive and earn during your free days.

You have to be self-motivated with Uber though since the earnings would depend on how many trips you would accept and how long those trips are. Something that can serve as your motivation on this is that the app company gives incentives to drivers who hit specific requirements (e.g. 100 trips per month = free restaurant vouchers).

Hourly rate: AU$17.42 – AU$31.94

3. Telemarketer

Although a bit stressful than the others, a telemarketing job pays really well. This job requires you to take or make calls, deliver scripted sales pitches and/or close deals on the phone. If you’re not confident enough to speak, there’s nothing to worry because most telemarketing companies provide training for students and new hires.

This role will help elevate your communication skills. In fact, we’ve heard of students testifying they have developed a better accent, and also better diction after their telemarketing stint. The role will also help improve your problem-solving skills since encountering irate callers and those who have complains are inevitable.

Hourly rate: AU$17.84 – AU$26.17

4. Hotel Receptionist

Since they work in the hospitality industry, hotel receptionists start and end their work days with a smile. Their ultimate role is to welcome guests, process their check-in and check-out, and hand and receive hotel room keys. This role also lets you handle complaints and inquiries. Therefore, patience, good people and communication skills are also a must.

The best thing about working in the hospitality industry is that you can get attractive benefits such as discount vouchers to restaurants, free hotel accommodation, and more. To fully prepare for such opportunities, consider enrolling in receptionist courses, which can provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in front office roles within this vibrant industry.

Hourly rate: AU$16.45 – AU$25.28

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5. Restaurant Crew

Probably the most common student job across the globe, a restaurant or a food chain crew assists customers by taking their orders and serving their food and beverages. Sometimes, restaurant crews also assist in kitchen processes. This role requires good communication skills, people skills and passion for providing good customer experience.

Hourly rate: AU$10.93 – AU$22.00

6. Store Cashier

Good with numbers? Being a store cashier could be a good fit for you. The work entails you two simple yet crucial tasks: receive payments from customers and return their change. Sometimes, you will also be required to compute the store’s total earnings for the day, and ensure that the money is placed in a safe and organised manner.

Hourly rate: AU$15.02 – AU$23.03

7. Tutor

Parents hire tutors to help their children excel on their studies. If you’re good at math, language, science, literature, or history, we highly recommend that you apply for this part-time job. Not only it can give you good credits in the real work setting, it can also help you save up a good amount of money. In fact, you can even go for a “gap year” after the university.

At the same time, this job can help increase your administrative and communication skills, and will let you exercise natural virtues such as patience and integrity.

Hourly rate: AU$19.64 – AU$50.90

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8. Retail Assistant

Settled in a fashion boutique, hardware, bookstore, makeup store or any other outlet, retail assistants attend to customers’ inquiries and requests. They get new stock of items and even help customers choose the best buy among their options.

Just like the previous roles, this job also requires passion for customer service, good communication skills and a nice smile.

Hourly rate: AU$15.96 – AU$24.22

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9. Office Secretary

The task of an office secretary revolves around organising documents, arranging appointments, booking meetings, managing databases, and other clerical duties. This role requires good administrative and time management skills as well as the ability to finish a long list of tasks.

Please know also that this job demands you to sit for long hours so make sure that you’re comfortable with that. Being an office secretary give you a great advantage once you’re already applying for another office role upon graduation.

Hourly rate: AU$17.69 – AU$30.68

10. Dog Trainer

If dogs have a special place in your heart, then you can consider working as a freelance dog trainer while studying. Your tasks will revolve around training dogs where to eat, and where spill their pee and waste. Having the ability to teach dogs how to jump, sit, crawl, turn the lights on/off and do other tricks will be a great advantage.

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Hourly Rate: AU$15.32 – AU$39.15

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How Can I Land Any of These Student Jobs?

First, you have to determine which roles will be suitable for you. Then you can search for companies that offer such role or search for related opportunities you can grab. From there, you can directly apply for job openings.

Meanwhile, if you’re aiming for a freelance job like a dog trainer the first thing you have to do is start marketing yourself. Create a social media page that you can promote so that clients will come asking for your service.

We advise you to take some sort of training or acquire specific certifications related to the role you’re eyeing for, just to make you more competent for the job.

For example, if you want to be an event assistant, you can take one of our online event management courses. Meanwhile, if you are aiming to be a hotel butler or receptionist, you can acquire an Advanced Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism especially if the degree you’re currently studying is not related to the hospitality industry.

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These are just some of the common student jobs you can apply for in Australia. We hope that upon reading this blog, you’ll be able to determine which role is suitable for your skills, needs and interests.

If you have questions regarding this post or if you need opinions on which online course to take, please don’t hesitate to let us know by clicking the button above. Meanwhile, don’t forget to apply these five study hacks to continuously boost your marks even while working on the side. For students looking to develop versatile skills, enrolling in a virtual assistant course can provide valuable training to manage tasks efficiently and enhance your employability.

Thanks for reading!