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Launch A Rewarding Career in Animal Care

Turn your love for animals into a rewarding career with the online Certificate in Animal Behavior course. Learn about animal behaviors in different environments, intelligence, aggression, mating, genetics, and more. Get the knowledge and skills needed for the animal care industry.

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Career Outcomes

  • Animal Rehabilitator
  • Animal Trainer
  • Vet Assistant
  • Zookeeper
  • Animal Care Worker
  • Animal Care Attendant
  • Pet Shop Employee

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About The Course

Turn Your Passion For Animals Into A Career You Will Love

Take your passion for animals, big and small, and gain the knowledge and skills needed to start a rewarding career working with animals in the animal care industry with Certificate in Animal Behaviour courses, part of our online courses.

Did you know that understanding animal behaviour is fundamental for people aiming to have a career in animal care? As part of our Animal Care Courses, the Certificate In Animal Behaviour online course has got you covered. This course will teach you about animal behaviors within different animal groups and environments, the specific aspects of animal behavior including intelligence, aggression, dominance, cooperation, mating, hierarchies, behavioral genetics, how animals perceive things, sensory processes, sight, sound, hearing, social behavior, extinction, and habituation, plus much more. To deepen your understanding and expertise in this field, consider enrolling in our animal training courses, which cover a wide range of techniques and theories crucial for effective animal management and training. 

Take the first step today towards a rewarding career in animal care with our online animal courses.

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