What is the Average Photographer Salary in Australia

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Do you enjoy taking photos of people, breathtaking views, random objects, and/or events? Do you see yourself working either as a full-time or part-time photographer in a specific niche? If so, this article is made exactly for you.

Being a photographer is fun and exciting. It allows you to meet new people, travel to various places, and have heaps of opportunities to earn. To give you more insights about this role, we’ve discussed their job description, along with the average photographer's salary in Australia for different functions.

Job Responsibilities

A photographer has five major tasks. These include:

  • Coordinating with the clients, and/or organisation about the project
  • Preparing the type of camera, film, filter, and lighting to use for the actual date of the shoot or event
  • Capturing as many high-quality photos as possible during photoshoots, events, weddings, etc.
  • Post-processing photos using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.
  • Transferring or giving the edited photos to the client and/or organisation

In case you’re interested in learning more about how to excellently do these tasks, it’s best to study an online photography course. Earning a Photography Certificate can help you prepare for what’s in store for you in this career, ensuring you have both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed.

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Average Photographer Salary

As per PayScale, the average photographer's salary in Australia is AU$55,000 annually. More experienced photographers can earn as much as AU$ 81,000, while newer ones earn about AU$ 41,000 per year.

Although these figures are good enough, the truth is, you have unlimited earning opportunities as a photographer if you will work as a freelancer. At the end of the day, the amount you earn would still depend on the number of clients you have, and your asking professional fees.

Wedding Photographer Salary

The task of wedding photographers is crucial as they need to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments of couples. In Australia, according to Payscale, a wedding photographer’s average salary per hour is around AU$50, earning AU$62,500 annually.

Advertising and Editorial Photographer Salary

A landscape photographer captures the beauty of both natural and manmade scenery such as the Grand Canyon in the United States and the Northern Lights in Iceland. A landscape travels a lot, exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and being exposed to what nature has to offer.

Due to Australia’s vast unoccupied and natural terrain, landscape photographers are also popular. According to Ziprecruiter, in this career, you’ll receive around AU$39,000 annually.

Landscape Photographer Salary

An editorial photographer’s job is to provide images that illustrate or represent the written content in websites, newspapers, and magazines. They are in high demand today, due to the increasing number of websites and companies that require online content. An advertising and editorial photographer's salary, according to PayScale Australia, also earns about AU$ 55,000 per year.

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Fashion Photographer Salary

If you’ve always wanted to work alongside supermodels and stars, then being a model or fashion photographer is for you. This role allows you to work with top models, fashion designers, makeup artists, and celebrities from different parts of the globe.

Fashion photographers are usually experts in portrait shots. They receive an average of AU$37,800 per year.

Commercial Photographer Salary

A commercial photographer offers various types of pictures to individuals, businesses, and institutes. Once paid, the organisation or person will use your photos for their marketing, advertisement, promotion, and/or branding initiatives. Commercial photographers are always in demand due to the constantly flourishing business economy of Australia.

According to PayScale Australia, the average commercial photographer's salary is AU$ 58,500 annually.

Equine Photographer Salary

Equine photography in Australia is a burgeoning field, capturing the majestic beauty of horses in various settings. An equine photographer in Australia earns an average of AU$ 25.4 per hour or AU$ 31,750 per year, making it an attractive weekend side hustle for those seeking an additional income stream beyond their day job. For enthusiasts looking to refine their skills or delve deeper into this niche, exploring online equine courses can provide valuable insights and techniques specific to equine photography.

The earning opportunities for photographers in Australia are not limited to the figures stated above. Ultimately, this would depend on your asking rate and number of clients.

If you’re serious about pursuing a career as a photographer, start investing in becoming more competent in this role now. You can enroll in Photography Courses such as Certificate 3 in Photography, ask for mentoring from a successful practitioner in this field, or attend workshops to name a few.