The Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Marketers

In the world of modern business, the battle for customers is fiercer than ever. Whether your company sells products online or not, most consumers are actively researching products and services via the internet every single day. A strong web presence is integral in today’s climate, and Social Media Marketing Courses can help you develop many of the skills needed to thrive.

Here at GetCourse, we facilitate social media development via professional Facebook Marketing Certification courses that are designed to help you unlock the true potential of Facebook. Before signing up to any form of Advanced Social Media Certification Training, though, you must first familiarise yourself with the rewards it can deliver. Here are some of the key incentives for following this path.

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Reach A Bigger Audience

Fact: Facebook boasts over 2.6 BILLION (1) users!

Facebook’s market share as a percentage has fallen slightly over the last decade, but the number of users continues to grow. Whether trying to reach a global audience or focus on Australia’s 13 million+ users, the social media platform opens the door to a range of opportunities that are difficult to replicate elsewhere – either through other online strategies or offline interactions.

Our Facebook Marketing Courses teach you to reach a larger audience, which can lead to a host of rewarding outcomes, including but not limited to:

  • Establish a sense of trust through large follower numbers.
  • Encourage existing users to provide testimonials or tell friends about the brand.
  • Boost your Search Engine Optimisation and web traffic figures.
  • Build a presence as an industry-leader.

All of the above can help boost your bottom line, especially when supported by the other benefits posed by Facebook. A Certificate in Social Media is the perfect outlet to take positive steps today.

Resonate With Clients

Fact: 86% of all customers (2) will pay for a greater customer experience!

Modern consumers want to feel a connection with the brands they use. Here at GetCourse, the Social Media Marketing Courses focus heavily on identifying opportunities to establish a stronger bond with existing customers while also creating additional incentives for new leads to become converted sales. Facebook is undoubtedly the best platform to make it happen.

After all, Facebook marketing allows you to combine text, graphic, and video elements to create a varied range of posts. Other positive include:

  • The Facebook platform allows you to build brand awareness without direct product promotion.
  • It creates a portal for 24/7 communication and interactions, such as DMs.
  • The ability to target post reach allows you to focus on a specific audience.
  • You can add genuine value with insightful posts, product reviews, tips, etc.

The possibilities are virtually endless. For those looking at Careers in Social Media Marketing, as well as business owners wanting to boost their companies, GetCourse helps make it happen.

It’s Cost-Effective

Fact: Facebook is free (3) a total of $0AUS to launch!

Setting up a Facebook account is free. So, if you opt for organic traffic, it’s possible to run campaigns free of charge. Our Facebook Marketing Courses teach students how to maximise the visibility of blog posts that are republished on social media while also creating parameters to ensure that the financial returns are as strong as they can be.

However, even the PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns offer huge advantages over some of the alternative methods. Aside from the positive cost per click rates, you’ll find that;

  • Facebook’s analytical tools can help you use A/B testing and other tools for maximum growth.
  • Successful ad campaigns can also be shown on Instagram and the Audience Network.
  • There are far fewer wasted clicks than wasted posters, radio ads, sponsored content, etc.
  • Once users are interacting with the brand, you can use re marketing to boost repeat sales.

Even when Facebook marketing fails to generate an immediate sale, it puts prospective leads onto a sales funnel. When combined with the frequency of their interactions, this can bring big success.

Facebook Gives Clear Insight Into Where You Stand

Fact: Over six million businesses (4) are using Facebook right now!

Given that consumers can access a world of information at the touch of a button, it’s important to ensure that your business keeps up with the competition. While our Social Media Marketing Courses extend beyond Facebook, there is no denying that success on FB is indicative of how the company will perform as a whole.

Facebook marketing allows you to target both desktop and mobile users, including App users, while it additionally enables you to compare your success compared to other companies. You can do this by:

  • Checking their followers count.
  • Monitoring how often they post and which content gets the most engagement.
  • How quickly they are growing week-on-week as a percentage.
  • Whether they are using paid posts.

As well as learning from competitors, we believe that learning the ropes is essential. We highly recommend you check out some of our courses below to get you started with it today.

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