Careers Can Earn You Over $90K Without a Degree

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You’ve read the headline right. You can earn a five-figure salary per annum (or more) even without a degree. But how is that even possible?

If you weren’t able to finish your college degree, you can manage your own business or innovate something useful just like what famous IT pros Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Bill Gates of Microsoft did. Another option is you can apply for careers that only require certain certifications, training, and hard work to succeed just like the ones we’ve enumerated on this blog.

Interested to learn more about the degree-free, high-paying careers we’re talking about? Stick with us, read on, and you’ll see.

Note: The average annual salaries indicated below are actual data from Payscale and indeed Australia.

Career # 1: General Manager

General managers are responsible for a ton of things such as recruiting people, communicating company values to new hires, training workers, assigning accountability, monitoring, planning, budgeting, and the list goes on. They also help build the company image by collaborating with company clients, the government, and other organisations.

How to Land This Kind of Role

Many companies accept candidates for this role even without a degree, especially if the applicant has already worked for an administrative job beforehand. But since the competition is high for this job, it’s best that take a different approach than other managers in your establishment.

For example, obtaining extra management qualifications that other leaders can be bothered pursuing can give you a real edge over the competition. At the same time, you must exuberate good administrative skills, management skills, and decision-making skills during the assessment period to get hired.

Average Annual Salary: AU$115,222

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Career # 2: Construction Manager

Also known as the site manager, a construction manager is responsible for planning and documenting the tasks that need to be done in a construction project. They also manage the people, costs, and contracts involved in the project. Construction managers also monitor the quality of work and materials they use and ensure the safety of the workers while the construction is ongoing.

How To Land This Kind of Role

If you’ve already worked for a related role, there’s a big chance that you’ll easily get hired for this role since hiring managers for construction jobs are usually after the experience of people rather than their degrees. Otherwise, you can take a construction-related certificate to make your resume more competitive.

Average Annual Salary: AU$110,225

Career # 3: Air Traffic Controller

The ultimate purpose of an air traffic controller is to ensure the safety of aircraft passengers, airport personnel, and airport facilities. They communicate with pilots directly by issuing instructions regarding landing and takeoff as well as by giving weather updates, runway closure updates, and other critical information.

This role is also responsible for controlling the proper traffic of baggage vehicles and airport workers. During an emergency, the air traffic controller alerts the airport response staff to provide solutions as soon as possible. No wonder why they’re paid for such a great amount.

How To Land This Role

Air traffic controllers don’t have to be degree graduates. You just need a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education with passes in Mathematics, English, mathematics, and a science subject (preferably physics) to be qualified. If you want to apply for this role, you also have to pass the medical examinations, the drug test, the computer-based aptitude test, the online cognitive ability test, the competency-based interview, and the police checks.

Average Annual Salary: AU$109,955

Career # 4: Miner

Miners are the backbone of the mining industry. The job is highly physical and is also quite dangerous since the mining locations vary depending on your assignment. This career requires proper operation and management of mining equipment. They use machines to drill and cut holes to find gems, rocks, or other minerals they’re looking for. The ability to repair such machines is also a great advantage.

How To Land This Kind of Role

The path of mining is one of the most common high-paying careers without a degree. Not all mining positions even require a high school diploma.

Mining companies normally provide training for people who’d like to work for this role. To be chosen, you need to present yourself as capable, strong, and healthy enough for the strenuous work. You must also show good problem-solving and decision-making skills during the interview or assessment for safety purposes.

Average Annual Salary: AU$108,652

Career # 5: Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents perform various duties to sell, rent, or buy properties whether they’re condominiums, houses, lots, resorts, etc. They create and advertise property listings; they interview potential clients; they accompany prospect clients during site visits; they discuss relevant information regarding the property; and they help hand over real estate contracts.

How To Land This Kind of Role

Although having a real estate certification would be an advantage, anyone can apply for this career. It only takes confidence, good communication skills, motivation, and hard work to end up a successful real estate agent.

Average annual salary: AU$90,849

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These are just some of the leading career opportunities in Australia you can consider if you haven’t started or finished taking a college degree. As a course directory, we think it’s still best to finish a degree to give you the utmost education for your desired career path.

However, since our life stories vary, some people are either forced not to continue their degree or have decided not to for personal reasons. Hence, we’re trying to present degree-free opportunities as well.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in looking at any of our management courses or real estate courses, please feel free to send us an inquiry through clicking the buttons above. Have a great week ahead!