How Much Does A Vet Nurse Earn In Australia?

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Are you fond of medical sciences and affectionate towards animals at the same time? Why not pursue both your interests together by becoming a veterinary nurse?

Veterinary nurses are also known as vet assistants. They provide care to sick or injured animals that require treatment or that are being treated in vet clinics and/or animal hospitals. They also assist veterinarians in executing their roles. Another responsibility of a vet nurse is to educate, update and comfort pet owners regarding the situations of the animals.

If you’re interested in pursuing this career, we’ll discuss more of it by answering common questions such as “what are the skills required of a vet nurse?” and “how much does a vet nurse earn in Australia?”

What are the Skills and Qualifications Required to Become a Vet Nurse?

Not all employers require a bachelor’s degree when hiring a vet nurse. For some, as long as you’ve finished high school and are in good health, you can already be considered. But of course, having a level three diploma in veterinary education would be a great advantage. Another way to further strengthen your profile for this role is by taking an online certificate in veterinary assistance that is part of accredited courses.

This kind of certificate will teach you how to provide first aid to animals, will give you more exposure to common health issues and treatments in domestic pets, and so much more. Once certified, it’ll be easier for you to find employment in vet clinics, environmental animal protection agencies, and animal hospitals.

As a vet nurse, you must also have a genuine heart and compassion towards animals and their well-being. You will most certainly need an in-depth knowledge and experience in animal health care as well. You must know at least the basic things related to providing first-aid to them, feeding them, bathing them, grooming them, taming them, and more. Enhancing your expertise through Animal Behaviour Courses can provide you with deeper insights into the best practices for handling and caring for animals effectively.

Having good administration skills, being organised, having good communication skills, and knowing how to relate to people can also be success indicators for this role.

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How Much Does a Vet Nurse Earn in Australia?

One of the main things we consider when applying for a role is the salary. According to a standard PayScale calculation chart in Australia, a veterinary nurse earns an average of AU$22.45 per hour. This means that you can earn about AU$53,943 per year or more.

Take note though that this is just an estimate. Just like any other role, your wage would still depend on the capacity of the employer, the tenure, and your skillset. For those considering this career, it's useful to keep updated on the typical vet nurse salary in Australia to set realistic expectations and goals.

Job Opportunities

Vet nurses can work in various settings. You can find jobs in animal hospitals, zoos, animal protection shelters and agencies, vet clinics, and pet care centers in Australia. At the same time, having a Certificate in Veterinary Assistance can also give you the advantage if you apply as a zookeeper, animal trainer, and other pet-related roles. Enrolling in a veterinary assistant course can open up numerous opportunities in these diverse environments.

For those looking to start a career in animal care, becoming a vet assistant is a rewarding option.

We hope we’ve answered most of your questions about becoming a vet nurse. If you’re keen on pursuing this role and are interested in studying our Certificate in Vet Assistance, including Canine Behaviour Training from accredited courses in Australia, please let us know, stat. Just fill up our enquiry form which you can find by clicking the orange button below.


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