Centrelink Approved Online Courses

The Australian Government is highly devoted to creating a platform to allow each citizen to reach their full potential. This dedication comes in the form of several funding options and incentives being made available to students of all ages. There is a large number of Government funded courses and centrelink approved online courses available from private colleges, TAFE Institutes and Universities from all over Australia.

A lot of these courses are at a Diploma level and higher but there is also government funding options and assistance packages available for Certificate level qualifications as well.

There’s also heaps of Government incentive & student programs that offer loan sums and subsidies to students who are eligible and meet the guidelines provided. All Government funded courses or centrelink training courses, can vary from state to state so the best thing to do in order to find out whether you are eligible, is to visit the MySkills website to check out the list that the have there.

Available Options For Government Funded Courses and Centrelink Approved Online Courses
  • VET Student Loan Program: – As of January 2017, the VET Student Loan Program is the replacement for VET FEE-HELP. This program is available for approved courses and providers that offer loans to students that are eligible. This is usually for Diploma Qualifications or higher.
  • Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program: This program is known for providing traineeships for new entrants and existing worker traineeships.
  • Productivity Places Program: Over 5 years, 711,000 training places are to be introduced to make sure the people of Australia are able to upskill and their knowledge and training where skills are lacking in the country.
  • User Choice: Registered Training Organisations are provided incentives and funding (Queensland) (RTOs)
  • Investing in Experience – Skills Recognition and Training: This program provides mature students (50 and older) with government funding to upgrade their skill base to Advanced Diplomas
Courses Covered

Government funded courses and some centrelink approved online courses are available from a certificate level right through to Advanced Diplomas and can be found all over Australia. Depending on the State, some courses will be funded by state government departments and others are funded by the federal government. The best thing about all of this is in most cases there is a government funded course for just about every industry and some are support both on campus and online.

Below are some courses that are often government funded, but sometimes circumstances change so it’s best to do lots of research before making a leap. These courses are also some of the most popular:

Eligibility for Government Funded and centrelink training courses

Government funded education and centrelink training courses are open to permanent residents of AUstralia and of course, Australian Citizens over the age of 15. This funding is intended mainly for job seekers and also people who are employed. In many cases course fees are subsidised, some are fully covered and other only require an enrolment fee.

Most of the factors really depend on the course provider, the course level and the course material itself. Between each state in australia the government funding options are different, so it’s best to contact the right person or organisation before making any decisions about enrolling in any centrelink approved online courses or signing up for any government funding.