Explore 6 Social Media Careers That are Booming

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Nowadays, being social media savvy is an asset. In fact, social media careers are on the rise lately, thanks to the leads and referral traffic that companies get from their social media pages (whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin or Youtube).

If you’re creative, organised, communicative, and you enjoy being on social media, one of the following roles might be suitable for you.

Now, let’s get straight into unleashing the social media careers, yes?

Note: The annual salaries below are actual data gauged by PayScale Australia.

1. Social Media Coordinator

This role is responsible for growing the reach and engagement of the company’s social media platforms. Social media coordinators do this by creating engaging content, scheduling and boosting posts, and responding to comments, messages, and online reviews.

As their job title suggests, they also coordinate with the content writer(s) and graphic designer(s) in creating compelling content according to their audience’s interests and demographics.

Since they work under the supervision of the social media manager, sometimes they’re also tasked to send reports containing the results of their marketing initiatives (actual posts, growth or decrease in reach, engagement, and conversions).

If you want to be an expert in social media marketing, studying a social media and marketing courses and virtual assistant course can be of help. It’s an eight-week online course that tackles digital marketing, and social media strategy and implementation for various platforms. This is one of the focused digital marketing courses designed to enhance your skills in a short period.

Annual Salary: AU$40,183 – AU$63,764

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2. Content Writer

The role of a content writer goes beyond writing compelling articles that help increase the engagement and visits of a website. Most of the time, they also write and/or edit social media captions, infographic text, quotes, scripts for YouTube videos, and the like.

If you’re a wordsmith and love seeing your work published on various online platforms, this can be a job you’ll enjoy.

Annual Salary: AU$40,767 – AU$73,215

3. Graphic Designer

As highly visual individuals, graphic designers create or put together photos, graphics, emojis, text, and clip art to come up with unique and appealing graphics for a specific brand. They’re the people behind social media banners, featured photos of blogs, infographics, and even company logos.

One of the easiest ways to land this role is to build a portfolio that shows your creativity and agility as an artist.

Annual Salary: AU$39,923 – AU$73,070

4. Social Media Strategist

Social media coordinators and strategists are often referred to interchangeably but there’s a big difference between the two. The strategist is responsible for analysing the social media standing of the company based on the reports sent by the coordinator. From there, he/she researches trends and develops solutions and/or strategies that can help the company improve its brand image, number of followers, reach, and engagement on social media.

The strategist conveys the solutions he/she has formulated to the social media manager to align their marketing goals. The latter can relay them to the content team.

There’s a growing number of aspirants for this role since it pays well. Hence, earning a Certificate in Social Media or enrolling in online marketing courses can also give you an advantage.

Annual Salary: AU$41,684 – AU$117,916

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5. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for conveying social media marketing goals and ensuring that they are met by properly allocating tasks. They also monitor, review and submit reports to the top-level management or the executives, and also lead and represent the social media team of the company.

Usually, social media managers are also the key holders of social media login details such as usernames and passwords.

Annual Salary: AU$40,204 – AU$82,971

6. Video Editor

Video content has also become a staple in social media marketing campaigns because it’s been proven effective in gaining traction and increasing engagement on various platforms. As a result, online video editors have also become more in-demand than ever.

If you’re passionate about putting videos together and using the right audio to formulate an attractive and engaging video, you’ll absolutely love this role. While some companies use video applications to make editing much easier, others prefer to edit them using customisable software such as Premiere Pro, especially for Youtube content.

Annual Salary: AU$39,736 – AU$100,494

These are just some of the booming social media careers in Australia. The good thing about these roles is that you can either work as a full-time, part-time, or even a home-based professional.

Believe it or not, social media offers a variety of roles perfectly suited for introverts. From content creation to data analysis, social media jobs for introverts can leverage your creativity and love for deep focus without the need for constant face-to-face interaction. Uncover the potential of social media careers where introverts can truly excel, balancing their need for solitude with the dynamic world of online engagement.

If you’re interested in learning more about social media careers, feel free to enquire about our social media course by clicking the button below. Meanwhile, if you have other concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to add them to the enquiry form. Our team will respond to you right away.

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